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  • umm...this may sound weird but i dont have any personal email address lol ..ur inbox is still full therefore i cant reply
    your inbox was full so that's why writing here:
    by buying selling cellphones and dealing in accessories :)
    I was just watching the Harold and Kumar Triology and it reminded me of you...:p... Tumhay "Weed" mili?.
    Yes, you've to join him using IP address while he has to use his own 192.168.X.X IP.
    it should be I guess, try and report back. What do you mean by server not responding? I mean who is actually creating you or your friend? If it's your friend then is he able to join his own server? Has he forwarded his ports properly??
    Lol my bad, I though I had removed it. Yes you can use that thing to make it work for non-legit clients.
    You better wait for sometimes, I'll update you because I've removed that file from my uploads. TC
    Shary my name.
    Bhallu my cat's name.
    TC means Take Care since I was leaving PG 3 months back. This name stuck since I cannot change it.
    Professional SEO range from 2000-5000$ , yes that right
    You dont need anything like that
    No u have to manually SEO it then enter the correct values and if u enter wrong onces then u rating goes more low on search engines
    saw it read my reply on the topic
    i told that when u dont have content on ur site SEO doesnt do anything but when ur site is abuot 2-3 months old with some content in it then SEO works good
    It's less of a blog and more of a personal diary.
    Also, wordpress & blogger are so mainstream. *scoffs*

    (jk. I just like the interface better. It's much less hassle.)
    No, but I have a blog on another site which, incidentally, I just started today. lol
    I'll PM the link to you.
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    manigamer manigamer: leon is a clusterfuck other than that the actors were decent. chris was fine, albert looked...