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  • Oh wow. :L Damn. Well true that .

    I guess I wont be doing it then , but a friend does weed or something I might have a puff but thats all.

    Btw do u do weed?

    Also if you dont mind me asking , why did u convert to atheism ?
    Does 1/2 puffs destroy the thinking capibilites?

    Wats wrong with doing weed? What are its side effects ? :3
    I see, its the weed that comes in cigrate form right? for smoking ye?

    Could your friend get it for me for the same price ? :/

    I just need one weed cigrate.
    Ive seen zaiuddin hospitals roundabout, its near my school.

    How much does it cost from the guy in the ditch?
    Dude. Your inbox is full ,so delete some of them and then tell me where I can find the 'weed'
    im not saying its a bad university, its that its really different from how we've been studying in o and a levels,
    my personal opinion is go for isl campus (seecs) which is an all civillian campus or go for university of nottigham.

    from a career point of view nust isn't all that bad. from student life point of view it suffers.
    they have rules like you cant leave the campus till 2 even if you dont have any class,
    we have uniforms and assembly and all.
    the first class starts at 8, and since its a one hour commute from my place and the fact k main point say jata hoon, i have to get up at 6!! (assebly at 7 45)
    jub school main hota tha tab main itna jaldi nahi uthta tha

    i mean its more like a school and less like a university, if you can adjust to that, you might like it here
    people who have been through the local boards/fedral board find it easier to adjust.

    again its not a bad university but you expect more from a university that claims to be top 350th uni in the world.
    main tayyab hoon jis ko tum ezflash baich rhay thay mainnay ezflash khareed lia hai 2200 ka with 1gb card free...tum yeh batao kay apni ds wifi usb baicho gay mujay....for how much???????
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    Chandoo Chandoo: Is that the one that looks like it has porn parody looking characters?the actors are all good...