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  • Hey sorry i havent been coming on here much - been busy with stuff at home. HUH? no I didnt buy the vita! I wish!! hahah how are things with you? missing the psp eheh how come -?
    yar dealing is in process with somone.....
    yar thats not a yellow spot its a piece of scoutch tape....i paste it for scrach protection :)
    I bought acekard 2i from australia.... it runs on dsi amd 3ds too and its great
    heheh good news - did you get any other games on the 360? did your bro get it modded yet? you know so you guys could play the fake games - one thing that annoyed me about the 360 was how its joypads run out of batteries so quick. My bro got chargeable batteries in the end. I really want to the vita - but I thinks its wise to wait a year after its release so all the bugs cant be fixed. I also want a ps3 - and of course I also want to be rich :p Good luck with college, the never ending assignments and annoying class timings :p
    HAHAHAH! Yaaay! Thanks for the mitai - I quite like laddus :p Ok so mario is a good start - then ease her in the games you want her to play with you. Remember, start with easy stuff - seems like the DS is working in full swing. Is she elder to you? just want to know who will boss who around :p Big bro still hogging/worshiping the 360?
    lol :lol: acha yaar msg me at my number as soon as u get this msg...
    ajj rat payment kar dety hain....... :D
    hahahaha IN-SHAA-ALLAH kal tak order kar dun ga. payment rat ko discuss karen gy.
    pehli nikki phir waddi hahahhaha :D par yehi acha ha
    c u tonight 7 pm
    lol bro. i am also ordering 2$ cleaner for now. will order water cooling from them when i get those item shipped.
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