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  • Yeah Ecchi will soon Bore you out But there are a few Ecchi that I like which arent really recent but interesting. I will also give you a list of non ecchi interesting Mangas
    Shougeki no Soma
    Prison School
    Defence Devil( Really Good)
    Gate thus the JSDF Fought (Interesting Plot)
    Dragon Roiting( Again Very Interesting and Different Plot than the usual Ecchi mangas)
    Sun-Ken Rock
    Wall man( A toned down Sun-ken Rock)
    Half and Half
    B Reaction
    Any manga from Lim Dal Young (Take it from Sexy bhai, He is the Guru of Ecchi Plots)
    Dragon Who
    Cradle of Monsters (Excelent)
    Holy Knight(Right)
    Devil Ecstasy( Right)
    Lassboss X Hero (Very Interesting)
    Sakuranbo Syndrome( Adult Ecchi Thing in the office)
    Oh ,He is a friend .I met him on PG shoutbox . He has no sibling so I told him that I'm his bro :p so I put that up .He got banned due to some issues so I kept it there .
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