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  • i'm sorry i dont get wat u mean by black casing?? =/
    n my demand was abt 8.5k... 6 is a little less.. how about we settle for the in between which is 7.5k?? :D please don't ask me to reduce further :( cause i really need the money!!! wat u say???
    Dude i got ur MGS3:Snake eater... Still no luck finding splintercell but im still looking into it ... Ill tell u my bank account info if u want it ... i can ship it asap
    Pcsx2006!its not been rroded man....i had opened it too remove all the dust to prevent rrod.....
    Dude, if u want to buy the gamx, u better hury up. Coz i want the money fast, and if someone wiling to pay before u than i wont hav any choice.
    So plz hury!!
    no its ok you are like my brother.It wasnt my fault it was my friend who did that and i feel sorry for it as well so better luck next time
    why do u want to go for region 2? ps3 games are region free and the games u mentioned,there prices are same for both region 1 or 2 or 3...
    Resistance 1 = 1400
    moterstorm 1= 1500
    Assassins creed = 1400
    Uncharted = 2000

    i will advice u not to buy motorstorm
    yar bro i didnt back off from the deal there was a serious misunderstanding i gave the blue rays to my friend he sold them and didnt tell me i came 2no few hours back.i scolded him like hell i told him thats not fair i made the deal with some other guy and you sold it. so sorry again bro it wasnt my fault
    sorry yar i cant buy through this site as i dont knw much about it and i cant give it my credit card info.if i found magic swap from some site where i can buy,i will let you know
    yar,they are not selling it at ebay and its sold out at amazon only 1 copy available which is more expensive then a ps2 !!
    Added you on msn. Btw if u want it i can give it to u within a week or so because the games are with my friend. Im in D.H.A karachi btw .
    Well i'm not sure about the regions. I got both my games from america so im guessing whatever the region in america is, it's that region. I have mgs3 snake eater and splintercell pandora tomorrow both with their cases and booklets
    Hey bro can u order Swap Magic 3.8 NTSC/UC DVD for me thanks. BTW yes NTSC/UC means us version.plz bro i can pay u half money if u can get swap magic for me.
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