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  • this is only Premium DLC not base game main base game with premium de raha hoon
    You should have informed me even if Jayzzy didn't reply to your PM's and I would have thought of another way of paying you. And as you had contacted him first, I therefore didn't do anything but to just wait for your reply. Anyways man, one small mistake of yours made this a big mess for nothing.

    Always remember, instant feedback is a very vital part of communication.
    Now I'm talking to a guy (you) who didn't even contact me in the first place to let me know the status of paying you, so why the hell on earth would I pre-order ANYTHING from you when you couldn't even do that much.

    I'm sorry to say this man but I wont be recommending you to anyone for buying premium, but rather if someone asks me, then I can only speak negatively about it. That's how the world works when you don't comply with just normal communication and do just whatever the hell you want for your own convenience.
    If you remember, you sent a message to Jazzy and me for asking if I could pay him through PayPal and that he could pay you in PKR. I kept waiting for your reply as YOU had contacted him and YOU were supposed to let me know whether or not it was possible. But you never did reply or am I wrong?

    If you don't even wanna sell the dam thing or if you aren't able to, then it's common courtesy to let the buyer know about it instead of not saying anything.

    And then I was the one who contacted you to see that what was the status and that was after two weeks. And at that time I was in Pakistan and you told me that you don't have it stock as yet, but they may be coming after Eid.
    aight....keep me on the list :p ....hope the price is even sweeter ....lol

    Jungi_Baba will be officially Premium ....i hope so ...
    When will you re-stock BF3 premium. I really want to buy it. or can I send the money a little earlier?
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    Shary Bhallu TC Shary Bhallu TC: jis nay bhi xynosine discover ki us ko meri taraf se bari si chummi :*