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    Which programming language is easy to start and make foundation.

    @sethsahab Thanks brother but what are the real world examples of Objective C?
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    Request For Prayers - REHMAN 786 ( SABIR BHAI's Mother Passed Away )

    ALLAH ap ko sbr ata karay or waleedah ko jannat ma oncha muqam ata karay or un ke lehed ko jannat k bagon ma sy aik bag bna dy...ameen.
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    Want To Sell Haswell package with corsair Vengeance rams...(Brand new in cheap rate)

    Processor and Ram sold only motherboard left...11500 final.
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    SOLD Batman Arkham Origin

    Payment sent through easy paysa...:)
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    Samsung S23B300 or Dell ST2340L

    Dell 23 you mentioned is better but try to find HP 2311f...that is much better deal if you find one.
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    Want To Sell Wacom bamboo tablet pen and touch...

    Bump......its best Tablet in its range.
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    Help needed in buying 3D Tv Active or Passive

    which modal you are using?
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    bro 3500 me on 03125414994

    bro 3500 me on 03125414994
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