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  • You're welcome :)

    That really is an excellent deal. Prices on new PS4s have risen due to an increase in import taxes etc., so you should probably be able to sell it without bearing any loss when you upgrade to the Neo.
    Wsalaam, oh that's great! Congrats! As long as you got a good deal, it's all good.

    Regarding your PSN ID, it's pretty simple. Just keep following the steps mentioned on PSN, but make sure to set your Country as the US and your State as Oregon. The US Playstation store gets all games before other stores, and Oregon is a tax-free State so you won't be charged any taxes on your digital purchases.

    When asked, enter your city as Fairview, and its corresponding postal code as 97024.

    You'll get a verification email at the email address you provide when creating your PSN account. Hit the link in the email and your PSN ID will be ready to go.

    Although you won't really need it, here's a video guide:

    The guy in this video picks Los Angeles and California as his city/State, buy you should stick to Fairview/Oregon.
    Wsalaam. I would suggest that you wait, since it's likely to arrive towards the end of this year. It's better to get the better machine.

    Alternatively, you could get a PS4 and then sell it before the PS4K launches and bear the loss of around 3-5K. But this is only if you're eager to play some exclusive that is currently available. Otherwise, I think it's better to wait.
    Ofcourse, it came back.
    Although the same model (without Backplate).
    Working good so far and this time, i've installed various monitoring programs to see if anything goes wrong with the fans again.

    And no, i didnt go today.
    I think he'll cause a fuss if i ask for a refund, all of the shitty stac models he had were rugged as hell.
    So i think i should just get the fuse repaired and use it.
    hopefully, nothing goes wrong....

    Fuses are all the same... right? RIGHT?!
    Kyun k tere se kam bechunga :D jk

    Just wondering why you letting go of this beauty.
    You may be tempted but you should know that those are also 256bit gpus.
    Try using them at 1440+ or 2K and you'll notice the hugely stupid raw power being thrown to waste.
    Would prefer to wait until AMD Makes the move.
    The new features of this gen (Both AMD and Nvidia) arent that impressive.
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