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  • AoA, I am looking at an Elite 120 Gb (Jasper) which is on sale, I asked the owner about Jtag he said its not possible as the console has a man date after June 2009, he hasnt mentioned the dash/kernel but I'am assuming thats the case. Now I've been going over alot of threads and just came across your thread, so you think its Jtagable? One of the reasons I'm skeptical is because models manufactured late till 2011 are able to be jtag'd/RGH'd so why not old phat consoles? Thanks in advance.
    @ AbbY

    This information is not enough for me to tell you anything in return. Which version of FSD are you using? Is it a Jtag or RGH console you're running this application on? Which version of Dashboard is currently installed? Which version of DashLaunch has been installed? Are you using an internal HDD or USB drive to run FSD from?
    I see you're a team xecuter staff memeber -___-

    Could you guide me with FSD pls. I've had it installed, but the only prob is, I can't use most of the stuff :/

    Can't access my consoles temperatures, or control the fan speeds. What's up with that?!
    Azeem please leave msg on VM of mine...which will give me notification :)

    5-6 is awesome , Actually my console is banned to xlive so i m unable to update codec. but tell me which RGH u have installed? its TXCoolrunner 2 or Matrix Glitch... and ur xbox is phat or slim...
    @ Faisal Aziz
    Boot time...within 5-6 seconds on average. RGH Xbox360 gives you the same feel as that of Jtag. Temperature is in normal range. For playing AVI files etc, you can find the Optional Media Update and use it for this purpose.
    Hi Azeem how u doing
    Azeem share some experience of your XBOX 360 after RGH... Boot time and how much independence u feel from normal xbox to RGH Xbox ?
    Can u play XBLA full version and also can u play video movies (via USB Stick) format like MKV AVI etc? and what about temperature....
    Your signature is WAYYYY beyond the resolution limit. Please reduce your signature resolution to 450 x 130 pixel dimension.
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