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  • Xiaomi mi-2s is available in karachi now, u know someone there who can get a hands on?
    Hello. Ideos phone is really good in my opinion. Onl;y for 10k with 1 year warenty, comes with 500mhz which can be overclocked upto 729 (I did that). Touch is very awesome and responsive, almost iphone like. Sound is awesome too ( external speakers are very good). Battery time is also very good.2-4 days.

    Now the bad things about this set. It has a very very low quality camera. Very shitty result. screen is small and typing is a bit of hassle in horizontal layout, but better than vertical layout.

    Other than that, set is ok. Big bang for a buck!
    i haven't been to hafeez center for sometime now... mostly do the shopping from online shops or galaxy... so maybe i didn't know about this... but damn that is good news.... second hand mice in such cheap rates... ala....buy 10 or 20 and half of them atleast would work proper....
    is it really ture?? i mean are they brand new or reburbished or something?? they just cannot be worth 300rs only... if they are then is there a specific shop in hafeez centre where you get them?? i should buy like 10 of them:D
    really?? great then... are they original?? i mean 400dpi?? because they are 100% like 3.0 but with a smaller body... and the 3.0 is pretty expensive
    hey do you know where to get a microsoft intelli 1.1a mouse?? is it commonly available in lahore?? and how much does it cost??
    Please dont leave irrelevant comments in marketplace...consider this a warning:
    this thread should be on pakwheels this is pakgamers :D
    hey...hello...i need some advice...about an LED purchase in abt ~20000...purpose is gaming...i have found these panels in my range: Dell ST2320/2420, Hp 2311f, Samsung 23A300, ASUS MS 228H. But i cant decide which one is better...cud you help me?
    best review you put on antivirus+internet security.must inform me your own result about Eset NOD32 Smart Security 4,Webroot Internet Security Essentials,Comodo Internet Security
    Spybot Search & Destroy.my own experience abt first is nthing special even heavier than 3.second i never use.third is the best firewall protection ask any hacker they hate it.more tougher to break than norton firewall.fourth one very useless its just free and nthing good in it scan every file very slow for processing.most of time destroyed or make windows useless (win xp in my experience.but like to compare notes with you when you done wtih them also.when you do plz sent me msg so i check
    No problem I don't mind.

    1) I suggest cpu cooler in case you do over clock your cpu. And I will suggest again get at least cheaper hyper 212+ cooler it is much better then Intel stock cooler. You are spending such money on a cpu won't you spend Rs.2200 more? Rest your choice Intel stock fan is not that bad but still cpu coolers are better. Google it you will know the difference. Its a suggestion I am not forcing you make your choice :)

    2) XFX is cheap brand with cheap build quality many peoples here on PG and outside PG have issues with their XFX GPU'S. HIS isfamous for their best quality. You can google HIS ATI reviews. 2GB and 1GB will not make huge difference if you buy 1GB thats won't down your performance. The price I told was last i seen on Galaxy site. In case you dont want HIS gpu then get ASUS ATI which is available at Galaxy. But prices of asus gpus are much higher then other vendors.

    Hope this help.
    hey thanks for replying to my thread http://www.pakgamers.com/forums/f67/need-recommendation-endorsement-desktop-laptop-93808/ i seem to be having trouble posting so ill ask some questions here if you dont mind....
    1) ill be using stock intel HSF
    2) u asked me to skip xfx and i think ill do that because of the many defetcive 1 gb 6950's i am finding on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=14-150-523&SortField=0&SummaryType=0&Pagesize=10&PurchaseMark=&SelectedRating=-1&VideoOnlyMark=False&VendorMark=&IsFeedbackTab=true&Page=1#scrollFullInfo ...so y r u reccomending HIS (btw the onne here of 2gb costs 26k not 30k)

    thanks a lot!
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