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    Playstation Horizon: Forbidden West Announced - PS5

    A news coming from Clown Jeff Grubb.. No words
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    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

    Xbox's SSD is mix matched. Some use PCI-E Gen 3x4 interface and some Gen 4x2. None of the SSD's use DRAM cache either neither the internal nor the expansion cartridge one. Which means it can't even sustain 2.4GB/s lmao. PS5's internal SSD does have a 512MB SDRAM cache according to ifixit's...
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    XBOX Xbox Series S and X Thread - Backwards Compatible like no other

    It's leaving Gamepass the same day as well. It's their excuse of licensing issues. We've all seen racing games as far as Need for Speed: Undercover(2008) to go on sale till this year( and it wasn't removed due to licensing issues). I guess they only get a license for short term, Forza...
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    XBOX Xbox Series S and X Thread - Backwards Compatible like no other

    Forza Motorsport 7 is reaching end of line and to which Modern Vintage Gamer replied "Here's Xbox showing commitment to game preservation" which is deleted now.
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    MULTI Microsoft Flight Simulator includes the Boeing 747 and a tiny aerobatics plane

    Surprised that the gap between the two isn't as big as they said. Wasn't it supposed to be 4K/30? Must be differences in graphics settings between the two. Digital Foundry analysis should nail down every detail of the ports
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    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

    Pretty normal for Sony to release revisions for their consoles since PS3 days but this one's coming a bit sooner than usual. There's a slight chance that they're using 6nm process for APU but I won't bet on it but it's inevitable
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    MULTI The Witcher III Wild Hunt - Free Next-Gen update (Ray tracing, faster loading)

    Comment that did not age well. Now CDPR is the very reason many avoid Pre-Orders now.
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    MULTI Dead Space remake teaser - PC/Series/PS5

    I won't believe anything coming from this clown Jeff Grubb. He doesn't have any good track record. But few others have already reported about Dead Space previously.
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