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  • Its better and easier to download a Win8.1 ISO Separately. Ask BAGHI, or check the sticky thread for my previous posts where i have explained how to download the latest Win8.1 (w/ Update 1) ISO.
    First thing first. Update your Windows 8 to latest Windows 8.1 with Update 1.

    Use KMS Pico. Download here:

    Press the red button to activate. Internet connection is a must.

    This can activate both Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8.1 Pro. Better solution than CODER's Microsoft Toolkit, because of simplistic approach.
    Sorry for late reply dude.
    Since it was my father's CR card. I gave it back to him just after i used it.
    Yep, its almost okay.

    One thing. Do mention when a deal is going to expire. (I am sure there is a date limit, until we can avail a deal)

    Also, don't forget to update it regularly :)
    No i am not talking about the combat. I 'wished' they'd improve upon its predecessor but its said to be exact replica of the first game, with just a different story.

    But yeah, i am going to play it sooner or later. Hopefully in the coming days. These days load shedding is at its peak, with nearly 15 hours per day here. And after Iftar, koi game khelne ka dil nahi karta. So, you know.
    Actually i am waiting for a few patches which would fix/improve the performance. If they don't come out, then i am gonna play it anyway, but just in case.

    And yes, i was playing Metal Gear Rising before that.
    Completed? Nah. Just installed it, and was just about to start the game, when i decided to procrastinate it as well :crazy:
    Thought so.

    Usually, i convert such threads in OTs, like i did with "Killer is Dead" thread, and many others. What would you prefer? Make a new thread or edit the existing one?

    Well whatever ... do carry on with the conversion, if you may :p
    No no, i bought BF3 key from w00t, got my fifa 13 key from a friend and both of the occasions it was bought from CJS cd keys.

    You will get the digital copy of the game if you buy from origin not the physical copy

    Sorry for the late reply, i was out of town and didn't had access to internet for a day.

    I believe they are in indian rupees, but since i never made any direct purchase from the origin store (always bought keys). You can confirm it from another person.
    Welcome to the next level. :) Long awaited but well deserved.

    Enjoy PG Xtreme & Keep up with the quality posting.
    Aslam o alikum
    Bro how is "Dark"?: i am thinking of downloading it because i like stealth based games :$
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