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  • I am not sure about that buddy. I suggest you visit an education expo and seek guidance. You can also approach education consultants and get as much info in the first free meeting.
    Salam. I will be departing on the 23rd of this month InshaAllah. For PR you have to work a year after master's to be eligible to apply.
    I got an A* in Business Studies in Olevels, Alevels was pretty much the same stuff so it was really easy for me. I just make my own notes from my teacher's notes and ruttofy them at least a month ahead of time so that I have enough time to solve pastpapers. I got a B in AS econ so I studied my ASS off as early as February for Economics. For the mcqs, do EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN MCQ TILL YOU FRICKIN' MEMORISE THE ENTIRE BOOK! I literally knew the answers to EVERY mcq by heart from 2000-2011, I scored a 30/30 in the CIE exam. As for the question paper, start way ahead of time and be SURE to get the redspot solved pastpaper book. It greatly helped me with my answers.
    Hope that helped!
    Alevel students are omitted from having to take EILTS or TOEFL. At least for my university. I'm pretty sure it applies for Nottingham too.
    Not a problem, feel free to ask.
    Apply at least 2 months before the session starts. For example. if you're expecting your A2 result to come out at the end of Jan, you should have already applied. If you're expecting your a2 result in august, then apply sometime in June/May with your AS grades.
    Yes, I was. Keep in mind, I am not in UoNottingham. It was too expensive for me to afford even with the scholarship.
    Life here is good. If you're good at speaking English and can live independently, on your own, then you should do just fine. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of different ethnicities here. It's similar to Pakistan in many ways, at the same time, it has it's contrasting features too.
    No tuitions, skipped school from Feb-Mocks. Got into a lot of trouble with Sir Raheel because of that but I got my statement of entry anyway. Started studying at home from mid march.
    Business Studies A*|
    Economics A|
    English General A|
    Sociology B|

    Trust me, not many people get decent grades at ss, half your school will be retaking. :p
    hello my dear
    I am SINDA by name good day. i just went to your profile this time true this site (PakGamers - video game, news, reviews, previews, trailers in Pakistan) and i got your detail and your explanation in fact the way you explain your self shows me that you are innocent and maturity and also understand person i decided to have a contact with you so that we can explain to our self each other because God great everyone to make a friend with each other and from that we know that we are from thism planet God great for us ok my dear please try and reach me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i can send you my picture true your reply we can know each other ok have a nice day and God bless you yours SINDA
    if u update to latest CFW then u can play all the games .... and u cant play online .... because theres silent updating going on online....
    Try replacing the power cord...

    Dunno what could be the issue, ask in the official PS3 help thread...
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