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    Want To Buy Looking for Android Phone.

    xperia L for sale,condition 9/10,the device packs in a snapdragon s4 dual core cpu (which in terms of performance and architecture is wayyy better than those cheap mediatek quadcore phones) coupled with a gig a ram and has sony's custom ui running on the top of android 4.2.2! price=19k (can...
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    SOLD Sony Xperia L c2105 (international version)

    bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! price reduced to 20k
  3. hms2407

    SOLD Sony Xperia M Dual

    selling xperia L (with larger screen,higher res camera and better cpu) for the same price....if interested pm me
  4. hms2407

    SOLD Sony Xperia L c2105 (international version)

    Bump!!! Price reduced to 22k
  5. hms2407

    Want To Buy Xperia S Reasonable Offers, Not Damaged.

    well I suggest you to wait for xperia L since it'll have a newer cpu/gpu and will be much cheaper and faster than the S
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    Want To Buy Android Phone - Budget: Around Rs. 25,000

    bro wait for a few for weeks and get a xperia L,the specs are very good (1ghz dual core s4 cpu,adreno 305 gpu and 1 gb ram) and will come with jelly bean out of the box !!(y)
  7. hms2407

    Want To Sell xperia sk17i cheap (urgent)

    SOLD,mods please close the thread !!:wink2:
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