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  • Perhaps, but I have the authority to carry out everything I need for the betterment of this forum. The rest, Jshak is there to handle the red job =)
    Blue or red, doesn't matter. I'm here to work for the betterment of PG. ;)
    Thank You =)
    My objectives are to improve things and aid in returning PG to its former glory.

    For that, I do highly value concerns and comments by members who are older and have known the place for a while.

    I'd love suggestions, on a whole, and, specifically, for the education threads. If there's anything on your mind, PM me!
    People tend to go into hiding after being handed the colours. I expect the opposite from you. I expect you to step up and show more presence, and help around more ;)
    A few months ago you asked me what it takes to be Xtreme. I told you a few things but I didn't properly reply, and intentionally so.

    I hinted that we want, in Xtreme members, people who are friendly, helpful, unbiased and humble, people who tend not to pick fights. I felt, back then, that you weren't quite ready for the colors. Today, I feel you've earned them.

    Congratulations buddy. Hoping to see you around more. Keep calm and keep helping =)
    Yeah, it's just like the GTA V install. if it's still asking for an install then maybe you didn't put it in the right folder.

    The internal HDD shows up as HDD1: in XeXMenu AFAIK. you have to use XexMenu to access the internal HDD directly like that.
    The content you need to put into the internal HDD is in disc 1. In disc 1 there should be a folder named content, grab that and put it into your internal HDD.

    You know the paths right? content/16 0s/Title ID (look it up on google)/00000002

    Once that files been transferred use the second disc from your external HDD or however you usually do it. the install in it about 5.5 Gigs btw

    as for partitioning, I don't know how to make that work, don't you have an internal HDD you can use? like a real internal one? I've never really used USB storage for installations so I can't say what to do there.
    Is that so? I'll make sure to get some hands-on before going ahead to place an order.
    Nice! I had been meaning to buy one for my brother in the near future so required impressions. Thanks for the help. :)
    Aoa. Can you tell me for how much you bought the HP laptop? And how's the build quality and general usage?
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