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  • Hello, gttx. I stumbled upon your responses in the UPC thread ahmadka created.

    I couldn't help but leave you a VM with my question. Do you happen to know reliable places I can get used APC UPS in Rawalpindi/Islamabad? Do new ones cost significantly more than the used pieces if available here at all? I might just need one to power an LED monitor, PS4 and 2.0 speakers for two to three hours.

    Did get a used one with dry batteries from a guy on olx. Turns out both, UPS and the dry batteries were faulty. Nearly 20k went to dust.
    I am selling my ps4 perfect condition for 50k with Watch Dogs, warframe, war thunder, Doki Doki Universe and 2 demos. All the games are downloaded. It has all original accessories that came with it and box. Warranty : none. Can ship but on your expense and risk.
    Bro...i asked u for the condition of the board...? :)
    maybe u forgot to reply....? Also bhai....your inbox is full....so just make it empty... :D
    sir gee rs.7800 ki to brand new hey ---u got it from media last year -warranty is over --they dont entertain any thing of qaiser any more period ---ur price might be right if it carried 2 year warranty but i dont think this does -

    rs.5000-5500 is the going price of hdd n market --just got 2 hdd from him @ rs.5500/- each ..seagate baracudea and the one like ur selling -- i am looking for another to put in my pc for movies
    sir no reciept ,,means no warranty --when did u purchase it ---if it was from media intl then i am afraid its a lost cause.

    if its in warranty even ur price is next to new ...

    its a used hdd now sir --price should be that of used ---if u dont mind
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Are you saying Canada isn't as clean and beautiful? :p Just asking.

    What if I am not interested in tax? What if Finance and Audit are my interests? Would you still recommend pursuing ICAA or an MBA Finance or something else?

    So, it is better to apply for a student visa and not an employment visa with a year's experience along with the ACCA?

    Finally, in regards to cost of living and ease of settlement is Australia better than Canada? Let's keep lifestyle and tastes aside for a second.
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