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  • dude are u willing to sell the 6 pin connector i need it urgently..........................
    Fahad I am so with you on this. Dont worry we shall take revenge. I HATE THE MODS except for Shyber and Jayzzy. THE ADMIN IGNORES ALL MY PMS. THAT STUPID GUY
    pls check ur thread and let me knw if u want to buy the card i will post u the pics if u r interested cause i have to sell it urgent!!!
    just chillax dude

    i just made a correction to your mistake

    is it bad ??
    1. Sorry, but system updates aren't released by Microsoft on Xbox.com. The update which allows you to play divx, avi e.t.c files can only be downloaded one you connect to LIVE.

    Take your HDD/mem stick to a freind's (unbanned) Xbox 360 and update it from there....easy.

    2. What i said above...:p

    3. No, i haven't tried downloading any demos from torrents....You can take this up with ShayanShehraz, he knows much better about this.
    Yaar i want to sale my console as a whole.I dont want to sell things individually.Tell your friend to purchase with items.I think the price is reasonable with goods.
    my final price 6.5k. its very fair coz i gav 3500 for xclamp means u r asking me to sell it for 1.5 k. the powers upply itself is for 2.5k yar.
    hi fahad, buddy the condition is 9.5 out of 10, since it was my second console so u can say its not played much ... not so sure wht u mean about battery ???
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