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  • Studying Electrical Engg. There's only 3 months left before I graduate :D Hope I get time to play games more after getting a job, but I doubt it.
    Not playing too many games because of university and all. I've been playing Dota the past few months when I get a little time off. What have you been up to? Where have you been :d
    yeah shary is still active that too i think is because he is still in university and can draw some time, necro was a GM but he was almost inactive since 2-3 years now and syavash i think the last time i watched his thread was when he was asking for interview help regarding job and that was like 2-3 years back.
    yeah at that time i had talked with you on steam. anyway when you able to visit forum you must be sad because things have really really changed for pakgamers. i haven't watched those members since a long time now and can't blame them because i myself can't able to keep my activity up.
    oh good. good to see you get some time for gaming. hahahahaha............why you got ban hammer remains a mystery on pg forever :D even i became SV then Moderator then leave the moderation but still haven't got any clue why that happened. anyway leave that, we have move much forward and hopefully mature.
    its going really well but now everybody is busy in work. i myself can't make even a single post on pg these days and you wont see those guys active either, no gaming discussion, no fanboys , gaming sections are dead, hardware section, infact everything we liked to see is dead or maybe not for the new guys but for us every member we knew is inactive. you must have noted this yourself. anyway we know we can't get that time back, i myself haven't touched the games since a long time now. hopefully once we get settled in our life we will be able to comeback into games
    Listen listen, any idea how long it takes for universities to confirm your admission and you receiving your visa? I'll be applying in a few months, if I can get out august next year, that'd be swell.
    Just heard The Signal. Not a fan of the genre but that was super cool and its got barely a thousand views :S

    where'd you find out about this ? :eek:
    P.O.D is great, Black Sabbath is great, Porcupine Tree is great, Incubus is great, Smile Empty Soul is great, DevilDriver is great.... I haven't heard a single new good song in months, I keep digging up old stuff from my favourite bands.

    You listen to too much mainstream crap
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