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  • Unless I am forced to make amaga happy with an early purchase that he anticipates, I shall follow your advice. Watch Dogs and Evil Within already in sights for that time period.

    Thanks once more. :)
    True, that. Do you believe KZ4 multiplayer and Infamous are good enough excuses to buy one by the next month or should I wait it out till August?
    Glad to hear from you again, DLM. For a moment I thought you were cross with me or something. :p

    I shall forward your message to my friend and hopefully this can be done without a hitch.

    Thank you so much!
    Hello DLM. Hope you're good.

    A friend wanted access to an easy guide to updating the dashboard of an XBox 360 that was modded to LT3.0 in 2011 and got the RGH hack a year later.

    Could you possibly provide link to a place that contains such a guide for newbies so that it can be done on one's own?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: My friend recently bought Thief and MGS: Ground Zeroes for the XBox 360 so that might be necessary.
    Hmmm.. So making me grey again would result in more posts by me? :p

    I think that's because by the time they approach orange, they get busy with their lives etc. The ones who don't are either green, or blue :p
    This is good stuff...

    I've got exams going on atm, otherwise I would try this immediately :\

    I like my gamertag :( I literally coined the name.
    Haha. Pretty much.
    Maybe you guys could do that by having more orange people :p

    I see. Chalo it's good that everything's fine. Hoping for a speedy recovery :)
    Yeah man got busy. Then when I returned all the old people were either green or disappeared. Too many new faces so I went back to hiding. :ninja:

    I heard you had a surgery or something?! :eek:
    Khairat? Sab theek hay na?
    Is there some way to revert back to OFW, play Dark Souls II using an original copy, and then go back to cfw?
    What are the chances of me getting banned if I play Dark Souls 2 online using Rogero 4.55 after 3 months? (Emphasis on the last three words).
    dude holy shit, have you used this thing called "psnstuff" ? it basically lets you download EVERYTHING ON PSN from your PC at full speeds, im downloading Okami HD right now. It's not like torrents, its like regular full ass HTTP downloads... fucking AMAZING thing ... this thing basically lists EVERYTHING on PSN, all PS1, PS2, PSN, DLC etc and generates direct download .pkg links for you. It even has the last of us in all of its 27GB download glory lol
    yo, can you download demos and shit on a jailbroken ps3 without needing to create a PSN ID ? like, i want to download the English Lightning Returns demo from the PSN, can that be done ?
    hey DLM, i remember reading this before, but is it possible to download PSN games from an app on your PC right ?
    oh yeah, games with analog controls work just fine, but games with precision aiming and trigger controllers just suck.
    man i wanna use my 360 pad on the ps3 :( .. the dualshock . just . plain. SUCKS for shooters.
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