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  • Updating is just like xboxjtag? i mean if i update OFW then i will loose CFW? do i have to start all over again, it almost took 1 hrs to hack my ps3 using e3 flasher.
    I wish I had enough patience to wait, I donated $20 to get invite :(.
    Still appreciate your invite, maybe in future I need invite because in the end I will get banned from ipt because of uploads.
    Ignore my previous msg about synhc.
    Ok i downloaded sniper elite and after booting from multi it goes to black screen and launching from xmb it stuck on saving icon on title screen.
    I will try some old games.
    I copy ps3 games from BD to internal hdd because I haven't downloaded any ps3 games yet, currently downloading small size games of ps3 and will checkout soon.
    I think they are not working from multiman due to copy from BD but I think downloaded games will work fine on multiman.I tested ps1 game and it works without any issue.
    I can even pay for a site which can provide converted ps2 classics and psp games.

    I just checked IPT, they want donation well that's easy for me.
    This is annoying, i can't even launch ps3 games from multiman, i also follow this but still same problem.
    Read post #3

    Problems booting games from Multiman, need help
    You are right.
    I don't want to use multiman, I just want my games to show on xmb just like on my legit ps3.
    Do I have to just ftp?
    Thanks for your reply.
    Today i downgraded my ps3 and install multiman 4.55 cfw but problem is that the game is showing on multiman but when i launch the game it goes back to original ps3 xmb and btw game is on internal hdd.
    can i just download ISO from here and convert them to ps2 or ps1 classics?

    Sony Playstation / PSX ROMs (ISOs) - CoolROM.com
    no no, the file is right there in the root of the directories when i open 'em via UMDGEN ... tell me when you're done and if it works.
    have you ever converted a psp game before though ? i just tried both type 0 and crisis core, and for both i get this errror, dont know what to do:

    hi there, i m planning to buy a ps4 kindly suggest me which region is best and also i m thinking of buying from sony center so that ps4 is under warranty, any idea how much will it cost
    Just decided to drop by to thank you for your assistance with the dashboard update guide. It worked.

    Stay blessed. :)
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