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  • well i ain't even worried about all that lol .. still have a shit ton of games on my PS3 1TB that i haven't finished, including new one's being added every now and then .. downloaded P4 Arena 2, haven't played it yet. Next month there's a few more coming out, then November has Kingdom Hearts, dragon age etc.
    well if ur looking to download Alien, then the game's actually just the .pkg file that are hosted on the official Sony servers .. it should be going live on PS3 iso etc within the day too. I'm actually very surprised the game leaked this early.
    i don't have the ability to send out BGC invites .. says there are no referral codes left.. i dont know how those are gotten .. iirc you're the one who gave me MY BGC invite back in 2012 :p
    Right now my PS3 is stocked up with like 100 PS3 games, around 15 PS2 games, 8 PSP remasters and all the RE games available on PS1 and Dino crisis 1 and 2 lol, its a one-in-all Playstation box (except PS4 :p)
    and yes, i downloaded iso's from the net and used the PS2 Classics manger to turn them into PS3 files. The software is really simple to use, just stick ps2 iso's in X:/PS2ISO folder structure, and the software detects them itself and allows you to convert with a single button. so far i've managed to convert (and confirm working), FFXII, Dragon quest 8, fatal frame 1 2 3, RE Outbreak 1 2, Rogue Galaxy, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Yakuza 1 and maybe a few more games.
    oh yeah Outbreak file 1 and 2 are FANTASTIC. Finally I was able to beat File 1 properly .. the load times are 4~ seconds MAX. Which is less than what a door animation takes in .. code veronica X HD for example .. and both file 1 and 2 run flawlessly, no emulation glitches or slow downs.The only thing lacking is that neither game had native 16 : 9 support, so you can either play them in 4 : 3 with side bars or in really bad stretchy way (i prefer side bars)
    yeah i played it ages ago on my 20 inch monitor, was t he 360 version :p

    i actually booted the disc up to see the intro CGI. Was looking sharp as fuck on the big HD TV, i think this is gonna be a great looking game (when it finishes copying).
    man its a good thing FFXIII isnt a lot of smaller fragmented files, the total disc has like 50 huge files .. otherwise it would have taken the entire night
    and hoolee shit the PS3 bluray speed is sloowww ... getting like 9MB/s copy speed .. the game's 40GB .. its gonna take an hour lol.. no wonder 90% of PS3 games require mandatory installs
    require space on HDD, my old ass PC doesnt have that much space, also both by portable HDDs are Fat32, so extracting the +4GB files would be an issue :p .. im copying the game from the BR disc to the PS3 internal HDD as we type this
    persona 5 to pata nai kab release hoga lol ... and main reason for buying is because i REALLY dont wanna spend a shit ton of time downloading 40GBs :p
    just picked up a brand new sealed and shrink wrapped copy of XIII for PS3 for 1200 rs :p
    :fp1:i really need to get my eyes checked lol

    yep some part me agrees that unlocked processors are not the best way to go if ur gaming but the nerd part of me dominates everytime :D anyway welcome to the master race club (evil)
    just noticed ur new rig. congrats man!

    but powering a unlocked CPU with a B85 is just unfair. unless u have plans to upgrade to Z87 soon, ur not going to get any performance advantage over 4570. although i like ur choice of GPU :)
    U wrote some where that u have f6400 led tv, i also have the same model, wanna ask which custom settings u r using for best picture quality output for games
    Thanks, i am currently downloading 75gb of psx roms :). How can i get covers of ps1 games and how can i play games or install those 3 or 4 disc games?
    There is a new OFW firmware out, can i just update online just like on legit ps3?
    I downloaded GOTY edition of Red Dead Redemption but it takes too much time to load, is it normal? I have installed 1tb hdd.
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