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    Want To Sell Galaxy Buds+ (plus)

    Selling my Galaxy Buds plus White color With box and all accessories Brand new condition Barely used for a week. Price: 10,000 (Box pack retailing for around 14,500) Location: Multan Contact: 03459899237
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    Galaxy Tab s7+ Cheap

    Selling my almost brand new Galaxy Tab s7+ (plus) 6gb 128gb Snapdragon 865+ No accessories Barely used, even the side plastic protection is still intact. Box pack is selling for 125k Price: 85,000 SOLD Location: Multan Contact: 03459899237
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    iPad Pro 12.9 512GB / Cellular - SUPER CHEAP

    Ultimate low, not gonna last long
  4. Bazal

    iPad Pro 12.9 512GB / Cellular - SUPER CHEAP

    Selling my Ipad Pro 12.9" 3rd generation (2018) 512gb Cellular + WiFi PTA Approved, paid 46,000 in taxes Dropped it once, one corner is dented now. Rest its pretty neat. No box Apple 18watts charger can be provided, at extra cost. Currently I'm using that with my iPhone. No issues...
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    Want To Sell Samsung Tab S4

    Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 4gb ram, 64gb storage + sd card card storage Sim support (Pta not approved) Snapdragon 835 QHD Amoled Display Stereo 4 speakers This is a very fun device to use, specially for multimedia consumption. Display is super crisp and speakers are VERY loud. Comes with...
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    Oneplus 8 Single Sim

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    Want To Sell Paypal Dollars

    Salam, so I have dollars in my PayPal account. If someone needs them, please contact. Contact: 03459899237
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    Oneplus 8 Single Sim

  9. Bazal

    Oneplus 8 Single Sim

    Oneplus 8 8gb 128gb Single sim Pta approved (patched) Interstellar glow, Brand new condition, NON-REFURB GURANTEED With warp charger and cable Location: Multan/Lahore Contact : 03459899237 Price : 55k fnf SOLD
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    Want To Sell S10 5g (not regular S10) CHEAP

    S10 5g 8gb 256gb Pta approved (patched) This is not your regular S10 or s10+, Google it. Phones are in almost brand new condition, GURANTEED NON-REFURB. color available : crown silver, black, golden Location: Multan/Lahore Contact: 03459899237 Price: 50k
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    Oneplus 8 8/128gb SUPER CHEAP

    Oneplus 8 8gb 128gb Single sim, PTA APPROVED Brand new condition, 10/10 100% original, NON-REFURB phone GURANTEED LOCATION: MULTAN CONTACT: 03459899237 PRICE: 58000 SOLD
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    Inear earphones Foam buds

    Only red left. Giving away for 350 incld shipping
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    Want To Sell Oneplus 8 8/128 Green box CHEAP

    Oneplus 8 8/128gb Green color Pta approved, dual sim Almost brand new condition With original box, charge and cable Giving away free original Sandstone Case bought separately. Location: Lahore/Multan Contact: 03459899237 Price: 69,999
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    Want To Sell IPhone Xs Max Approved CHEAP

    IPhone Xs Max 64gb Physical+esim both official PTA Approved Black color, very good condition. Battery health is 91% Along with Apple 18watts fast charger and cable. Location: Lahore/Multan Contact: 03459899237 Price: 92,000
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