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  • Yaar Ali, there's absolutely no problem at all bro! I'm a software developer and I always tend to do things most efficient, so excuse this thinking of mine but I think bank transfer would be more convenient in this case. No hard feelings at all! Now chill.

    PS: I might not have been so nice if LBP wasn't this good :p LOL
    Hey AOA,PM me your cellphone number with your name so that we can keep in touch if you'll be coming on the meet-up....
    yaar there's a program available over at .. Actually, they have like 3 different drivers for PS3 Controller, to work with Windows (including Vista) ... But mind you, you cannot use it wirelessly like with the PS3 .. you need have that USB cable connected at all times ..
    exactly! she can bend my beckham like a domino without pride or prejudice hahaha

    btw, welcome to aurora.
    hey..can u tell me if i can download fifa09 file demo on PC (torrent of sumthing)and then install it from a external memory on to the ps3??..or do i HAVE TO downlaod it from psn and ps3...if i can download it from P.C and any crediable site which might have it??
    grrr... she's hot and i got the hots for her. no one can stop her from pirating my caribbean! (be glad the pic doesnt come with a matching sig)

    well, ill get you a pass by tomorrow. be prepared :D
    can i offer u back mgo clan leadership, i was so lazy lately and havnt tken good care of it ever since i got it
    butt sahab, would you like to join the super secret pg cult of aurora?

    no gay initiations, i promise :p
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