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  • u have headphone under 1,200 Pkr including shipping? just headphones with gr8 quality sound and bass?
    hey i need a mini hdmi to hdmi adapter or a female to female hdmi adapter. Wud u happen to have either of these?
    please clear your inbox bro. is that updated version better than the old one? and whats the price of both and your location?
    DO you have HA-RX300 in stock??? And the price is same as mentioned in first thread or changed??? Will you be giving away the two free earphones as you mentioned in your thread??? Does the price include delivery charges??? If the delivery charges are not included so where can the h2h deal take place, any specific place??? Please reply me asap as I am really interested in your headphones and please reserve one pair for me...
    Hey, bro. My cellphone died, and there's no electricity either. Leave me a message on PG after the shipment. Hope it's not a problem.
    Payment sent for Maeshmallow Inner Ear Headphones-HA-FX35-N, waiting for delivery!
    Send me your payment details properly. Dont mix things up. I am in no mood to ask them at every turn that wtf is this, wtf is that. Tell me your branch clearly. The deposit slip has a whole fkn field of branch name. THEY WONT fill it for me. I have to fill it. Tell me your account number without the branch code. AND HBL's online is fucked thanks to some problem in Karachi. There is account type too. Is it current, saving or something else?. Tell all these properly.
    hey do u happen to have hdmi cables larger than 10 m, possibly 20m or longer? Or is there a way to connect 2 hdmi cables tOgether?
    also JVC HAW 600RF vs HA RX500, which one is better? I dont care about the wires or wireless...I just care about the quality, better quality = my choice.
    Okay so you mean I'll get three products in total? PM me your bank details and Easy Paisa as well so It'll be more convenient. I am hopeful that i'll be able to grab the sum :)
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