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  • 16K for the 6950 if it is 2gb version with shipping to KHI.
    If it's 1gb version my offer is 15k with shipping to KHI.
    I want this quick, so chances are if you are serious about this you could have money in your bank account today, on the condition that you put it in overnight through TCS today! You can call me on 0300-8988990
    yeah i already knew what you were doing and i wanted u to keep your Pro and Scrap your Mobo, that is the best solution for you.
    bad ideas.
    Cross fire in AMD is not worth it at all.
    RAMs 1600 or 1333 or even 2400 won't do u any good for gaming. when it comes to gaming all are same.
    and motherboard.. even a 6K mobo DH61WW and 26K mobo Asus Maximus shit are both same in gaming performance.
    bottom line- if u really want to spend your 8K and spend them well, then sell your 6950 and get yourself a club3d 7870XT joker Ed GPU or wait for some time for GTX760's price to stabilize to 28-29K and grab that , only these upgrade will worth your investment and hopefully satisfy you.
    u are welcome, basically i wanted to guide u so that u may not waste your resources unnecessarily.
    a jump from i5 2500K to I5 2700K is not advisable
    the way i see is that u have some money in spear which u want to invest to get more performance in ur PC but by this u won't get it.

    let me also tell u one more important thing, the thing is that their is no consumer GPU alive in this world which would get bottle necked with an i5 2500, this means both i5 2500K and i7 2700K will be the same for gaming performance.
    only GPU upgrade is gonna take you to new performance levels not a processor at this stage so don't waste your money on it,
    which GPU do u have?
    i don't think u understand
    refer to this thread.
    sandy bridge, Ivy and even Haswell are all same in gaming so don't waste your resources.
    dude take my advice.
    don't sell ur 2500k
    it's better than 3470 etc don't waste ur money.
    Ahahaha. Xbox..
    My steam id is hacker_krackerz.. (Don't worry there is nothing wrong. Just random funny id :) )
    Assalam Ulikum!
    Bro I read you have a copy of DOTA 2 in OT. Can I have it :)..I've applied for DOTA 2 invite but no luck and its been over a month.

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