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  • If you are staying in Pakistan then it's actually better to do FSC. Sounds strange, right? I never believed this when others said this to me. I thought, "Whoa, they are trying to mislead me. Do not believe them." But that's not true because Medical and Engineering admission tests for the top universities like GIKI, NUST, King Edward and AKU are based on Intermediate/FSC. There is little to no A'level content in them except for AKU's entry test which is a mixture of SAT II, FSC and a little bit of A'level on the side.
    LUMS is the only A'level friendly university but it's too expensive.

    In other words, it's damn hard to study FSC alongside A'levels. You have to put in a lot of effort to #1 get good grades in the CIE, #2 to prepare for the entry tests by studying the whole MCAT and intermediate syllabus.
    "BTW, you seem like a serious guy."
    I don't know. Maybe. And yes, LGS JT is bad. If you want to waste your parents' money you are welcome here.
    Guessing from how much busy you are, you would have not checked any of their albums yet. :p
    Technically I took a year off to study and not to not study.

    Not at all. I am a very depressed and emo guy. I contemplate suicide every now and then. Life is so meaningless. Etcetera.
    On a serious note, no, I am all right. I have a significant amount of friends and people don't dislike me from what I see. I don't talk that much but I do talk. Well I did go through the "life sucks. I am so unlucky. I wish I never existed. Everything is against me." and so forth of that emo-phase at one time but that was because I used to very pessimistic. Now that I have matured I see everything in a better light. I have a lot of responsibilities, I have people I need to take care of, I have people I owe things to and I have no interest in screwing my life over petty feelings caused by some unwanted chemical reactions in the brain.
    So yeah, I am all right.
    lol yeah, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a close A/B, I'm setting my parent's expectations so low, that they are most probably expecting a C. This way when the result comes I won't get much scolded.
    Not exactly. I didn't give Maths. I will give Maths next May/June.

    2 A*s, 5 A's and 2 B's.
    Yes. A friend of mine who transferred to BDC at the end of A1 year said this to me this May: "If you want a person to commit suicide then send him to LGS JT." And well I asked a lot about BDC and I heard nothing but praises non-stop.
    Tell me what's good about staying in school for 8 hours from which you have 5 1/2 hours free and 2 1/2 hours of lessons. Is that education? What are you learning in those 5 1/2 hours; how to become Aristotle?
    Not to mention my biology teacher who has a PHd says that AIDS spread from monkeys to humans through sexual intercourse. Says a lot, right? Judge for yourself.
    "I heard there are like a lot of co-curricular activities."
    Bullshit. This school's barren.

    "They were quite happy..."
    Yeah, well, when I was in O'levels I myself thought that LGS was decent to good, somewhere in between. Come A'levels I despise every atom that is remotely related to that branch and its workers.

    I gave my A'level CIEs this May/June.
    If you want to f**k up your life you are more than welcome here because this is the place to do it.
    Um... no. The school's shit. Its a few students from this school that make LGS to be considered respectable. On its own, LGS doesn't amount to more than a skeleton building with bad teachers. There is absolutely nothing to do here so what people do is study all day. Put simply you have no life in this school. Facilities are terrible too, except for ACs.

    Here's what the bathroom stall here are like:
    1: "Tu idhar betha hai aur log chand par pohanch gae hain"
    2: "Teri baaji bhi to idhar hai"

    Yeah, something along those lines. Does that qualify as "best" to you in any form? Also, who the hell would want to attend school on Saturdays?
    What made you think i was a Uni guy? Do i really talk like an adult?
    Actually, I'm the same grade as you.

    No. Islamabad.

    Also, stop stalking people. It's rude.
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