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  • For some reason, I can't reply to comments on blog posts.
    As for your question, well here, I can't say they can be held responsible, they were probably overwhelmed with the demand for 3G/4G right after the launch and realized later that they f*cked up with the spectrum that they auctioned.
    However, even then they should've realized that majority of users in big cities have smartphones and 5MHz was clearly not enough for Ufone and Telenor.
    Haha ok. But fyi there is a way to configure it such that you get the complete downlink. I'll let u know if I find out the method.
    Hi bro.. Need ur help. I came across an old post where u wrote that ure "lucky" enough to have ur ports configured in such a way that ure smart tv bandwidth is also available for internet. I have the exact scenario. 4mb dsl + 3 mb smarttv so how can i get the ful speed 7mb. Ur help wil be appreciated alot. Thanks
    hey, i read that you were a student of roots dha. i also studied olevels there during '09-'11. I think we know eachother
    Hello afeef bhai, some days back I talked to you about my 600T, can I get your cell number? There is a friend of mine living near your area, can he come and take dimensions of your side window on a chart paper?, I would be very thankful. I don't want to take my PC with me :( , too god damn afraid. Clear your inbox as well.

    Kindly read the Avatar & Signature Rules, HERE: Pakistan's Gamers Community - Forum Rules

    Your signature should be less than 150kb in weight, and should have 450x130pxels of dimensions.

    Fix your signature ASAP.

    Thank You
    I was recommended,am waiting for ISSB call letter.Though i do have flat feet too.(Father Doctor)I was overlooked,If luck favour one can get through.This is my carrot:salute:.Will you be applying for next batch?
    Hey,how much did that sweet ass 770 cost you? I mean seperately from the casing,and how is performance? Did you run any benchmark tests on it yet?
    drive from that overhead train bridge to commercial market is 20-25 minutes depending upon the traffic
    AOA i can help you play BF4 if you can come to commercial market satellite town i will give you fully downloaded game with all updates, it is 29 GBs so you will need and external harddrive or a big USB :)
    hi there, just saw ur unboxing could u tell me for how mcuh u bought the 600t casing and from where u got that arclyic window and price, simply killer looks
    Which street do you live in? Not a stalker or anything but I think I know what house you're talking about...
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