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  • You wanted to go to a co-ed school. :p

    I have never seen anyone praise ALGC. Are people right or its just BS?
    Ok just open the back cover of ur acer notebook,and check the wifi card,s connecters,there would be two connecter ,must be a one connecter out of it,s place.check that care fully ur should be resolve
    So, what's bad in that?

    BTW, you are wrong there. My friend's brother is in LGS JT, he gave his AS papers.
    Yaar congratulations on your Awesome Result.Simply Awesome Result.Koi distinction wagaira aaye?(1)
    One thing you must keep in mind that CS graduates don't usually get jobs on the basis of their good grades. It all depends on how much good your core concepts about programming are and how efficiently can you solve a logical problem within a given amount of time. This is how they usually trick the candidates in job interviews. They would ask them to solve certain logical problems using programming while they are already nervous. If your core concepts are clear and you know how things work in CS world then you would easily solve the problem without getting tensed. So, it is not just about universities it is about how much you learnt while spending 4 years in any university. Hope this helps!
    Both universities are great. Students usually get jobs even before graduating. But if I were to choose between the two then I would do Bachelors from FAST and Masters from LUMS. Not saying that LUMS doesn't offer a good bachelors program but they are better at their Master's degree. Considering that they have 100% job ratio for their Masters and not just that but they also offer certain professional courses in the degree's course outline which no other universities in Pakistan do, for example iOS and Android OS development which is considered to be the next big thing in the market for a decade or so.
    FAST has a very good reputation when it comes to computer science department. The competition is tough enough to make the not-so-hardworking students serious with their studies. Job ratio is good again , most of the students (the good ones) start off with their own tiny software development house during their degree.
    Yes iam doing uni entrance test and stuff but i did inter not O/A levels. Sorry, i could'nt be of much help. But if you are looking to get admission in any uni in Pak then i would suggest you do do inter instead of A lvls.
    yes its possible to fail SSE but get into humanities/business side via LCAT and then u can get trasnferred to SSE side after first year..yehi to merey se shit hui hai..i forgot abt this and didnt apply for LCAT test..SSE test is bound to be tougher since its mostly Fsc based...
    yeh ghalti krdi ke LCAT nai dia uski jaga SSE ka test didnt pass...agar computer mein interest hai and eik relatively kam mehnat krke A lena chahtey ho to rakhlo AICT...but is subject mein grade chance pe hota hai..u might think ke bohat epic paper hua but in the end B ajata hai...kaafi weird questions hotay hain and unke answers un se bhi zyada weird..bnda imagine hi nai krskta ke aisa answer bhi possible tha
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