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  • No, Wish I had Time for any thing but work. Working Full time and updating one of released games currently. If Android Studio/java seems too daunting you may try Xamarin/C# Or even one of many tools that convert HTML/JS into native apps.
    Nice, those games look great.
    Anyway, my idea is for an android application. Not a game but an application. A bit of a social/news app mixture if you ask me. Do you do those kind of things bro?
    Hey bro, hope you're doing well and you've got another game in the works!

    I was wondering if you code in Java? I have something that I am looking to work upon and looking to collab with someone. Let me know. Take care!
    Hi iam from Quetta and I am willing to sell you Call of Duty Advanced Warfare In 4000 with shipment on my Risk if any thing happens i will Take Responsiblity but the Warranty will be only Checking
    If you want DLC codes i am also selling Day Zero Codes for 500

    But the Codes will be sold along with the Blu ray

    You will be thinking that how will i Shipp the Game to you i Run a Small Gaming Shop in Quetta i shipped games to major cities

    My Buisness associate will contact you and Ask your Address and Come and deliver it
    Its Cash on Delivery

    and For Sindh we are giving a Deal

    Call of Duty AW + The Day Zero DLC

    Both for 4200 instead of 4500
    If you want to buy we Can deliver it to your Doorsteps
    Nice job with Angry Bees, I am a big fan of all your games and honestly Angry Bees is high on my radar. Looks too entertaining. How long have you been working on it?
    nice, and i look forward to playing it :p

    btw im making a blog(hand made/ from scratch), its layout and idea and everything is extra unique and i really look forward to making it big...

    i shud be done by January :)
    hey, just wanted to tell u that i wont be able to make anything for games on flash, cuz i wont get much time, making a GOOD character(especially for games) takes about 2 hours, and then an extra hour to make the different views.

    good luck on your next game tho!:)
    You said you werent good with graphics in flash, so I thought that maybe you might like my graphics, I'm not the best but i think i can make good characters and generally anything:)

    But I must tell you that,

    1. My exams (pre board exams) r happening in january so i wont be able to make anything for you now as it takes about an hour to make a good character and another hour to make the different views...
    2. if my board exams r in march, i probably cant make much till then either but i might be able to make some things, if theyre in april then i can make a bit more:)

    After my exams ill be free to make much more, and ill be done learning quite a bit of advanced AS( 3 )

    I can show you some samples if u want....
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