Top 5 PS3 Games of 2009

The year 2009 has seen some great platform exclusives, many of which saw the light of day on Sony's shiny gaming console. The PS3 itself went through some drastic changes of its own, sporting a slimmer exterior as well as a cheaper price tag. In addition to the long awaited titles, a couple of new IP's also made their way onto the console this year. Sleeper hits like Demon's Souls and inFAMOUS strengthened the PS3's games library and gave people all the more reasons to own one.



Open-world games are a tricky business. Not only can they end up being overwhelming, but the experience can easily get repetitive. Ask anyone about the original Assassin's Creed and they'll give you the whole run down! InFAMOUS, however, stays consistently enjoyable all the way to the end. With some well-placed plot twists, a story driven mission structure, several game changing morality choices, and highly intuitive platforming, there's always much to do in the game. Cole's lightning abilities are somewhat inspired by shooter mechanics, with there being a substitute for almost every traditional weapon type. The end result, however, is an open-world platformer with a fleshed out combat system that always feels solid and accurate.



Demonís Soulís

Quite possibly the sleeper hit of this year, Demon's Souls is a niche offering, evening within the Role Playing Genre. It's a vast and lengthy adventure that gradually grows onto you with its challenging gameplay and skill/weapon customizations. While the somewhat rigid difficulty may have put off the casual crowd, RPG fanatics found all the more reason to dig deeper into the game. Despite its rather detracting nature, Demon's Souls does a fine job of drawing you into its world and setting the mood, with some atmospheric environments and an ambient score. Additionally, the game's unique online offerings help to distinguish it even further from the vast majority of RPGs, and make it worthy of a look from ardent fans of the genre.



Killzone 2

The first thing about Killzone 2 that immediately catches your attention is how impressive it looks. Tons of post-processing, stellar lighting and particle effects alongside many other technical nuances make the game's war-torn setting as believable as possible. Separating the game from traditional FPS games is the unique sense of 'weight' associated with your weapons and movement. Additionally, THE cleverly implemented cover mechanic works really well in context of the AI driven single-player campaign. Considering how engaging the whole experience is, it's a tad bit disappointing to see the absence any kind of Co-op support. KZ2 does, however, feature a robust, deep, and competitively addictive online multiplayer mode that's been a sure shot favorite this year among FPS fanatics.



Assassinís Creed 2

As impressive as the original Assassinís Creed was, the sequel blows it out of the water. Retaining certain likeable aspects from its predecessor, the game has been given a major overhaul in several areas where the original was found to be lacking. Gone are the days of laborious progression and repetitive mission design. With a compelling storyline, methodical gameplay, and an enchanting score, Assassin's Creed 2 is a must have for all.



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

When Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was released back in 2007, it received with mixed reactions. Some criticized it for not trying anything new and falling prey to the art of imitation, while others relished in its visual splendor and intricate level design. Developer Naughty Dog surely must have taken all the criticism to heart. While the original was a fine game that could put any of the Tomb Raider games to shame, the sequel blows it out of the water. Yes, it's that good! You could literally pick apart any aspect of the game and still be hard pressed to find any nagging issues. Whether it's the gorgeous scenery, the remarkably natural and intuitive animations, the cleverly thought out level design, the interwoven platforming and shooting, or the jaw-dropping set pieces; ND has left no stone unturned in making Uncharted 2 the masterpiece that it is.

Honorable Mentions: Modern Warfare 2, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Dragon Age: Origins