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    Thread: PS3 Hack/Homebrew Discussion Thread *Read 1st Post*

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      PS3 Hack/Homebrew Discussion Thread *Read 1st Post*

      Update (13 Aug, 2012)
      Tutorial regarding 3.60 firmware (leaked keys) - by max414 ( follow at your own risk)

      (Mar 23, 2011)
      Install Custom Firmware on PS3 (full software hack, no modchip needed)
      1)The first thing you'll need to do is get your USB drive or External drive and plug it into your computer. Which every one you have, format it to fat32. If you need any information on this subject please do a search on Google, Im not about to teach you how to use your computer!

      2)Now that you have formated the drive you need to make a few folders. First make a folder named PS3 (please name folder exactly as listed). Then inside that folder make another folder called UPDATE.

      3)If your already on firmware 3.55 skip to the next step. OK first were going to download the Offical 3.55 Firmware and place it in the UPDATE folder you just made on your drive. Get the 3.55 original sony firmware from here > http://www.eurasia.nu/wiki/index.php/Ps3OsRels

      4) Now your going to put your PS3 in recovery mode. To do this your going to hold down the PS3 power button until it turns on then off. Next you going to hold the power button down again till you hear one beep followed by two quick beeps, let go of power button. If your having any problems with this you can Youtube PS3 Recovery Mode, there's lots of video on how to do.

      5) The PS3 will now ask you to plug in a controller with its USB cable (do that). Now choose update from the menu. Your PS3 will ask you to hit select and start and it will search for the update file (once again make sure your drive connected to your PS3!). It will go through and install 3.55 and reboot itself.

      6) On to the next part! Remove your external usb drive from your PS3 and reconnect to your computer. Delete the original 3.55fw file from the UPDATE folder and replace it with the Custom Firmware file. (There are so many custom firmwares, I'm using KMEAW 3.55, but you can google for different 3.55 cfws and use the one you like. The CFW file is just like the 3.55 oriiginal sony fw file. You copy that file in the UPDATE folder).

      7) Now plug your drive in again to your PS3 and install the file from recovery mode the exact same way we just did in the step before.

      Now the PS3 will reboot itself just like the last time.

      Thats it you did it! and are ready to install backup managers to play your games and ftp server for your PS3.

      The next step is Installing Homebrew!

      You can continue (clicking installing Homebrew link in sidebar of this page) http://ps34dummies.com/index.php?opt...&id=3&Itemid=2

      Once you've installed hombrew, and learned how to ^ transfer games from www.ps34dummies.com , you are ready to play free games.

      Source: These 7-8 steps credit go to http://ps34dummies.com/
      Alternative Tutorial for starters: http://ps3.dashhacks.com/2011/01/17/...ackup-support/


      UPDATE (Jan 19, 2011):

      All PS3s up too FW 3.55 are now hackable without the need of any modchips. All you need is to follow the steps properly, find the right files and use your head.

      1. First, you got to download the patched 3.55 CFW PUP..
      2. Make sure that you are on 3.55 official firmware,
      3. Put the PUP file in your USB flash drive under the filename “PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP”. Note the folder path.
      4. Connect the USB drive to your PS3 console.
      5. Go to System Update in your PS3 menu XMB and it will allow you to install the update (even if you are already on 3.55).
      6. Enjoy your PS3 with 3.55 Waninkoko CFW patched with the Backup Manager support

      P.S.: Find the files required by going to major ps3 hacking sites like www.psx-scene.com / www.psgroove.com and www.ps3news.com . There you will find solutions if you get in any kind of trouble during the process.
      UPDATE (Jan 1, 2011):
      As of today, all the PS3 software protection has been cracked. The keys required for PS3 software are in the wild. Now Sony can't fix any exploits in newer firmwares because as soon as new firmware is released, it'll be cracked by the ps3 scene hackers.

      Expect complete software only hacks in the next couple of weeks. Hacks that will work on each and every ps3 firmware (even 3.55 and beyond). *fingers crossed*


      If you don't want to download big size ps3 games, there are guys on PG, in different cities, who can sell you downloaded games for just price of the blank dvd media. (PM me if you've been allowed by Mods for game burning service in your city). These following links are only for convenience of pakGamers ps3 owners:

      Rawalpindi: http://goo.gl/5J2g
      Karachi: http://www.pakgamers.com/forums/f63/...ale-via-80149/


      Q1: Can I go online while using the modchip on my PS3?
      Ans: NO. The modchip works on 3.41 firmwre only. If you want to go online, you'll have to update firmwre (which will disable the hack). So You either choose online play (and keep buying ps3 games at full price) and lose the hack. OR lose online play and keep the hack (with ~400 PS3 games, all free)

      Q2: Can i use the hack on firmware 3.42 or above?
      Ans: No, this hack only works on firmware 3.41 so far. do no update at all, infact it is recommended you disable internet on ps3 to avoid automatic updates on ps3.

      Q3: Where can I get free ps3 game downloads for the hack?
      Ans: BitGamer, IpTorrents, TorrentLeech are some of the top trackers that have loads of PS3 games. You'll need an invite from someone who is already member of such sites. look around and you might find someone to send you an invite. You can also exchange game dumps with other pakgamers in your area. This way everyone can double up their games collection in no time.

      Q4: How do I transfer ps3 games to my external hard disk to use with ps3?
      Ans: You need to make a folder named 'Gamez' on the external hard disk. Every ps3 game folder must reside inside that folder. Another way to transfer games to ps3 internal hard disk is to transfer game files from PC to ps3 with FTP.

      Q5: Can trophies be unlocked on download games, like original games?
      Ans: Yes, trophies unlock on downloaded games just like normal games. (some games require you to update the game to enable trophies)

      Q6: Can I remove the modchip and make my PS3 legit again?
      Ans: The modchip's backupManager application leaves foot prints in the PS3's logs, so sony can easily detect if a modchip was used on the ps3 or not. No one knows for sure. A wise choice would be to keep your ps3 underground and offline, away from sony's reach ;p. If you want online, either don't try the modchip or buy another ps3 for online.

      For this modchip/hack to work, you'll need:
      1- A working PS3
      2- A single original game disc (any game)
      3- An optional external Hard disk drive (its needed only if you want to play downloaded ps3 games from internet) BTW you can directly transfer games from your PC to the PS3's internal hard disk (assuming both the ps3 and your pc are in the same home network/ LAN)
      4- A PS3 modchip dongle , it can be either PSjailbreak, X3Jailbreak, an open source PSGroove based programmable board like teensy++, a Palm Pre, Nokia N900
      5- The Backup Manager application available from download section of www.psjailbreak.com. You'll need to copy it onto a usb flash drive and then install the app on ps3 from that flash drive

      You can either dump the game from original game disc, or download a game-dump online (Torrents/Usenet/Filesharing sites), then transfer it to an external hdd. For downloaded games you MUST have a fat32 formatted USB hard disk drive, so you can transfer games from PC to the external HDD, and then connect the external HDD to the ps3.

      You need one (any random) original ps3 game inside the ps3 to be able to play the other copies games from the Hdd.
      you need a modchip/psgroove board or other compatible psgroove device to enable the ps3 to play backup games.
      you need to run the Backup Manager application (google it) to launch games from the ps3 hdd.

      Transferring Downloaded Games from PC to PS3 via FTP
      So you've hacked the PS3 with a modchip and now need to transfer games via FTP from PC to PS3? follow these steps.

      1- Download FileZilla (FTP client for Windows), Install on your PC.
      2- Download blackb0x ftp 1.1 (PS3 ftp applicaiton), Install on Hacked PS3.
      (now make sure both ps3 and pc are on the same network/hooked up to same router/switch)
      3- open FileZilla on PC, and blackb0x ftp 1.1 on PS3.
      4- write down the IP address that you see in blackb0x ftp, .. input the IPaddress in the IP field of FileZilla, leave username/pass blank, in PORT: type 21. press quickconnect.
      5- once you see the ps3 folders on filezilla explorer, you're connected ;p

      for copying games. Make sure your games are extracted (usually all torrents downloads will be compressed).
      a- inside the filezilla, double click the dev_hdd0 on the ps3 folder. go to dev_hdd0/games/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/
      b- drag and drop all game folders to the /GAMEZ folder. so all games should look like this:
      dev_hdd0/games/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/SLUS1234 etc.
      c- once the files are transferred, open backupManager and it should be able to see all the new games.
      d- enjoy and send some donations to Rebel640

      PS3 games download sizes

      in case anyone still wondering about game sizes, following is an excerpt of over 307 ps3 games , tested on the psjailbreak/psgroove.
      Game Title    Size (GB)*
      3D Dot Game Heroes    2.00                                    [8]
      50 Cent Blood on the Sand    6.70
      Afrika    14.60
      Afro Samurai    4.00
      Aliens Vs Predator    6.80
      Alone in the Dark Inferno     6.10
      Alpha Protocol    5.62
      Armored Core 4    12
      Army of Two    5.00
      Army of Two - The 40th Day
      Assassin's Creed    8.00
      Assassin's Creed II    6.80
      Avatar    3.00
      Backbreaker    1.89
      Band Hero    7.00
      Basara 3    11.50
      Batman Arkham Asylum    10.00
      Battlefield Bad Company    5.67
      Battlefield Bad Company 2    8.09
      Bayonetta    12.00
      Beatles Rock Band
      Beatles Rockband
      Bionic Commando    7.11
      Bioshock    12.40
      Bioshock 2    9.34
      Blazblue    4.26
      Blazblue Continuum Shift    5.60
      BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger    4.00
      Blur    8.00
      Borderlands    3.60
      Brothers in Arms Hells Highway    10.10
      Brutal Legend
      Burnout Paradise    3.50
      Buzz Brain of the UK
      Buzz Quiz Word    5.20
      Buzz The TV Quizz    16.50
      Call of Duty 3    7.00
      Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare    12.00
      Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2    7.50
      Call of Duty World at War    12.20
      Call of Juarez Bound in Blood
      Chaotic Shadow Warrior    7.90
      Clash of the Titans    7.20
      Clive Barker's Jericho    3.40
      Command and Conquer Red Alert 3    19.50
      Conan    6.50
      Condemned 2    6.43
      Cricket 2010
      Cross Edge    7.03
      Damnation    6.40
      Dante's Inferno    8.80
      Dark Sector    1.60
      Dark Void
      Darksiders    20.00
      Dead Rising 2    8.70
      Dead Space    7.70
      Dead to Rights Retribution    6.31
      Def Jam Icon    7.50
      Demon's Souls    8.72
      Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon    7.80
      Devil May Cry 4    7.90
      Dirt    7.20
      Dirt 2    7.20
      Disgaea 3    1.85
      DJ Hero    3.00
      Dragon Age Origins    11.50
      Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit    3.60
      Dynasty Warriors 6
      Enchanted Arms    11.00
      Enemy Territory Quake Wars    10.00
      Eternal Sonata    11.20
      Everybody's Golf World Tour    6.00
      Eye Pet    7.70
      F.E.A.R.    3.68
      F.E.A.R. 2    4.40
      Facebreaker    2.87
      Fallout 3    7.00
      Fallout 3 GoTY
      Far Cry 2    4.10
      Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli    1.71
      FIFA 08    11.20
      FIFA 09    6.80
      FIFA 10    10.40
      FIFA Street 3    2.80
      FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010    7.36
      Fight Night Round 3    3.50
      Fight Night Round 4    4.42
      Final Fantasy XIII    44.20                                    [9]
      Folklore    15.00
      Forbidden Siren 3 Blood Curse    23.30
      Formula One Championship Edition    9.00
      Fracture    4.32
      Fuel    3.70
      Genji Days of The Blade    10.90
      Ghostbusters    13.60
      God of War Collection    11.40
      God of War III    40.10
      Gran Turismo 5 Prologue    6.00
      Grand Theft Auto IV    11.40
      Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City    8.00
      GreenDay Rock Band    3.00
      Grid    15.8
      Guitar Hero 3
      Guitar Hero 5    7.00
      Guitar Hero Aerosmith    4.98
      Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock    6.00
      Guitar Hero World Tour    7.80
      Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix    4.42
      Harry Potter Half Blood Prince    5.30
      Haze    7.20
      Heavenly Sword    20.20
      Heavy Rain    25.00                                    [10]
      Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds    5.00
      IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey    5.60
      inFamous    7.60
      Initial-D Extreme Stage    6.00
      Iron Man    11.20
      Iron Man 2    8.00
      Just Cause 2    7.52
      Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days    8.44
      Kane And Lynch    9.70
      Karaoke American Idol
      Karaoke American Idol 2
      Katamari Forever
      Katamari Forever (Tribute)
      Killzone 2    13.20
      King of Fighters XII
      Lair    24.90
      Last Rebellion    3.00
      Lego Batman    7.40
      Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4    8.05
      Lego Indiana Jones 2
      LEGO Rock Band    6.00
      Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga    5.80
      Little Big League
      Little Big Planet    7.91
      Little Big Planet GOTY    7.07
      Little League Baseball World Series 2010
      Lord Of The Rings Conquest    7.00
      Lost Planet 2    11.60
      Madden 08
      Madden 2007
      Madden NFL 09
      Madden NFL 2011    5.86
      Mafia II    6.04
      MAG    15.20
      Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2    6.65
      Medal of Honor Airborne    4.18
      Mercenaries 2 : World in Flames    10.00
      Metal Gear Solid 4    31.00
      Midnight Club Los Angeles    5.00
      Mini Ninjas    7.20
      Mirror's Edge    5.40
      MLB 10 The Show
      Modnation Racers    18.40
      Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe    6.05
      Motorstorm    15.50
      Motorstorm Pacific Rift    13.20
      MX vs. ATV Reflex    6.00
      MX vs. ATV Untamed    3.00
      Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm    8.60
      Nascar 08
      Nascar 09    5.20
      Naughty Bear    1.30
      NBA 09
      NBA 2K10    6.80
      NBA Live 10    7.00
      NCAA Football '09    7.20
      Need For Speed Carbon    23.10
      Need for Speed ProStreet    8.10
      Need for Speed Shift    4.00
      Need for Speed Undercover    6.71
      NFL Tour    4.90
      NHL 08    4.97
      NHL 09    5.25
      NHL 10    4.74
      NHL 11    6.20
      Nier    5.89
      Ninja Gaiden Sigma    12.00
      Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2    3.94
      Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
      Overlord 2    3.49
      Overlord Raising Hell    3.95
      PAIN    1.36
      Pinball Hall Of Fame Williams Collection    2.02
      Planet 51    3.50
      Playstation Move Demo Disc
      Prince of Persia    5.00
      Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands    4.80
      Prison Break Conspiracy    3.60
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2008    5.30
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2009    8.20
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2010    6.80
      Prototype    6.00
      R.U.S.E.    12.20
      Race Driver GRID    17.00
      Railfan Taiwan High Speed Rail    35.00
      Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time    24.80
      Ratchet & Clank Quest For Booty    4.84
      Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction    23.00
      Record of Agarest War: Zero
      Red Dead Redemption    8.20
      Red Faction Guerilla    8.30
      Red Seed
      Resident Evil 5    12.00
      Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition    14.00
      Resistance 2    23.70
      Resistance Fall of Man    15.40
      Resonance of Fate
      Ridge Racer 7    7.40
      Rock Band 2    5.00
      Rockband    4.60
      Saints Row 2    7.80
      SAW    2.70
      Scene It    3.98
      SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Ultimate Collection    1.25
      Sega Rally    3.72
      Sega Superstars Tennis
      Shaun White SnowBoarding    4.40
      Shrek Forever After    6.80
      Silent Hill Homecoming    6.00
      Singstar    9.40
      Singstar Abba    7.73
      Singstar Pop Hits    8.44
      Singstar Vol.2    10.10
      Singstar Vol.3    9.50
      Singularity    6.00
      Siren New Translation    12.60
      Skate    8.60
      Skate 2    8.10
      Skate 3    6.48
      SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation    6.20
      Sonic All Star Racing
      Sonic The Hedgehog    7.41
      Sonic Unleashed    8.30
      Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
      Soul Calibur 4    6.62
      Spider-Man Web of Shadows    7.96
      Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions    5.00
      Splinter Cell Double Agent    6.16
      Split Second
      Star Ocean The Last Hope    24.20
      Star Wars The Force Unleashed     20.40
      Stranglehold    6.35
      Street Fighter 4    11.40
      Stuntman Ignition    5.00
      Summer Atheltics
      Super Street Fighter 4    15.20
      Supercar Challenge    3.13
      Tekken 6    11.00
      Terminator Salvation    6.00
      The Bourne Conspiracy    6.80
      The Chronicles of Riddick AoDA    8.96
      The Darkness    14.30
      The Elder Scrolls IV Shivering Isles
      The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
      The Elder Scrolls Oblivion GotY Edition    20.80
      The Godfather 2    10.70
      The King of Fighters XII    1.00
      The Orange Box    17.80
      The Saboteur    6.80
      The Simpsons Game
      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09    6.30
      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11    6.05
      Time Crisis 4    7.78
      Timeshift    4.00
      Tom Clancy's HAWX    6.30
      Tom Clancy's HAWX 2
      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas    10.60
      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2    7.7
      Tomb Raider Underworld    6.25
      Tony Hawk's Project 8    5.30
      Tony Hawk's Proving Ground    7.50
      Top Spin 3
      Toy Story 3    7.80
      Transformers The Game    3.00
      Transformers War for Cybertron    7.20
      Trinity Universe    4.80
      Trivial Pursuit    1.00
      Turning Point Fall of Liberty    6.00
      Turok    6.08
      UFC 2009 Undisputed    8.00
      UFC 2010 Undisputed    35.20
      Uncharted 2 Among Thieves    23.40
      Uncharted Drake's Fortune    21.00
      Unreal Tournament 3    4.70
      Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom    9.00
      Up    4.07
      Valkyria Chronicles    14.70
      Viking Battle for Asgard    4.07
      Virtua Fighter 5    3.98
      Virtua Tennis 2009    4.20
      Wall-E    5.60
      Warhawk    1.02
      Watchmen The End is Nigh
      Way of The Samurai
      Way Of The Samurai 3    3.57
      Wet    5.78
      Wheelman    6.00
      White Knight Chronicles    10.20                                    [11]
      Wipeout HD Fury    2.10
      WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
      WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009     8.50
      WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010
      X-Men Origins Wolverine    6.80
      Yakuza 3    21.80

      Major Update

      7sep2k8: Firmware 3.42 out for the ps3. DO NOT UPDATE if you want to use the hack. The new firmware disables the exploit, which'll be bye bye to the hack if you upgrade.

      just got price list from x3jailbreak. whoever buys x3jb in 100 units bulk, can sell it at a good enough price of 3000rs to end users (thats with a good profit , considering importing these do take some effort).
      ok guys, i've setup a thread where serious buyers can post (JUST ONCE PLZ) if you're willing to buy the modchip from pakgamers at affordable price.
      Once we've enough buyers, we'll decide about importing the modchips at affordable rates (that'll save you from paying outrageous profits to middlemen).


      the price point is pretty fair and affordable now ;p

      Mathieulh and his team have released an open source version of the hack. For now you'll be needing an AT90USB Key or a Teensy programmable board to run it. Repository at: http://github.com/psgroove/psgroove

      IF YOU KNOW ANY SHOP/DISTRIBUTOR SELLING TEENSY, TEENSY ++, AT90USB KEY programmable boards, post in the topic or PM me.

      Aug, 2010:
      x3JailBreak will send me a Sample modchip next week. i'll be posting a ingame proof video for all PakGamers ;p so stay tuned
      , if they do send in the sample, this will finally give rest to the people who think this clone is not real ;p

      now that psJailBreak is delayed, x3jailbreak has a great opportunity to conquer the market ;p with an early release


      So learned about this new rumour making waves all over the interwebs.

      Supposedly someone in HK sent anonymous samples of the 'mod-chip' flash drive to different people. Some people in Australia and a modchip website also.

      There's a website setup by the mod-chip makers. Right now the website offers ps3 package file for download that according to some people i know in ps3 development say is executable on debug consoles only.

      The package can dump games to the hdd and any usb flash drives, although there's nothing special about the package file itself (the ps3 dev group guys ran the exec pkg through IDA and it has nothing special, other than being an fself.).

      Two guesses about how this 'mod-chip' *MIGHT* work.
      1- Either the guy stole sony's top secret jig files, which do the magic of converting your drawing room wala ps3 to a developer's debug unit, so you can run copied games.
      2- They found some exploit and were successfull in keeping the exploit under tight indoor secracy for months, caz this is not the kinda hack you can come up with overnight.

      The mod-chip website: http://psjailbreak.com/
      the mod-chip store : **** fake store popped up as soon as the news of the hack spread / removed the link now ****

      more details: http://www.ps3news.com/forums/ps3-ha...es-112034.html


      This established modchips site has also received a sample of the mod chip flash drive, they've added a small vid showing the setup, but still havnet' confirmed any running games by the 'mod chip' http://ozmodchips.com/

      Its too good to be true, until someone confirms that the backup games can be actually run from the HDD. since the pacakge file already makes copies of the games (although i believe thats true for debug units only). May be the flash drive that the guy intends on selling for $120 has some charming certs / jig files,

      i'll be adding more stuff to this thread just to have our own pakgamers version of the story, since right now i'm following this stuff on multiple places ;p

      And there are funny comments starting to surface about how Sony will take this news if the USB hack turns out to be real

      It was come to our attention that the ps3's usb ports could potentially be use for piracy. To protect the consumer we have disabled the USB ports in the latest firmware update. Ps3 users can choose to buy a charge kit for there ps3 controllers for the cost of $70 if they wish to continue using there controllers after are optional yet required update, using usb port equipped items such as a computer will not work.

      19aug2k10 1109am

      Well known ps3 'underground' developer xorloser , is onboard :O the people who got access to this hack.
      here's what he has to say on twitter >> http://twitter.com/xorloser/status/21554119576

      *and from the looks of it, the magic of the hack is surely in the usb dongle, the ps3 dev group has analyzed the Package file from the psjailbreak site and it has nothing special. .. $120 for some ps3 magic eh

      UPDATE-2 19aug2k10 1141am

      Proof video is up
      its not processed yet, or so it seems

      Random n00b post about this story: i LOL'd http://is.gd/eokP0

      UPDATE-3 19augk2k10 1701

      a 2nd video link

      Price of the usb dongle as scene on OZModchips = 148$ (US) on http://www.ozmodchips.com/ps-jailbre...play-p-68.html

      UPDATE-4 19augk2k10 2240

      Instructions manual with the USB mod chip >

      The usb modchip in its fully glory ;p along with an official letter

      another dongle sent to a german mod chip site game freax

      UPDATE-5 20aug2k10 0605

      Max-console also uploaded a video, running games off of an external hdd ;p, this one clears any doubts about it being fake, because you can see the new game title appearing in the list as soon as he enters a new game disc into the ps3, and then he loads a nfs title form the external hdd

      UPDATE-6 20aug2k10 1941

      Mod Supplier also put up a nice and very satisfying vid review

      23video=you23tube;bwiupGxCQGI htt2p://www.you23tube.com/watch?v=bwiupGxCQGI&feature=player_embedded video

      UPDATE-7 21aug2k10 0953

      Atleast 2000 minimum jailbreak Dongles have been ordered so far. This morning, There are 4 official distributers listed on the psjailbreak official website. Since the letters (sent along with samples, as you can check in previous update pics above ^) mentioned that atelast 500 minimum orders were required per distributor to appear as official distributer on the psjailbreak website . Now i'm sure each distribute ordered a bit more than the minimum 500 orders requirment ;p so even with 2000 dongles x $150 .. the usb hack makers are going to get 300,000 US$ for the first batch nice marketing and nice profits eh ;p

      UPDATE-8 22aug2k10 0127

      OK THIS is coming from a VERY trusted SOURCE (and you won't find this on the news sites instantly) .. the PSJailBreak usb chip has been cloned by other chipmakers for commerical sales. Expect a cheaper option within coming days. If chinese copies keeps coming like that ;p soon there'll be $10-$50 versions of this mod

      UPDATE-9 23aug2k10 0042

      The official price list as set by manufacturer. They're actually enforcing that all the shops sell the Dongles for around 150% the price to end users, compared to of what they're getting it for from the manufactures.

      UPDATE-10 23aug2k10 2030

      Ok if this it true, then we've got the first CLONE of this mod chip available ;o .. take this with a grain of salt

      The following email conversation hints these 'supposed' clones will be marketed sometimes next week at prices $20-$40

      UPDATE-11 26aug2k10 1110

      PSJailbreak delayed till Aug30-Sep3

      no one knows the real reason, they're staying a component shortage leading to the delay, but they're most probably trying to gather up some more customers before their one-time luck card is used.

      Let the ranting commence!

      UPDATE-12 27aug2k10 0442

      PSjaiilBreak reverse engineered by independent hackers team. Yes it takes advantage of knowledge gained from sony's jig's working, but the story is a bit more complicated then that ;p .. and yes, its a custom chip, not a regular USB flash drive ;p

      (translated - english) http://psx-scene.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65082
      (original - german) http://www.gamefreax.de/psjailbreak-...ngineered.html

      UPDATE-13 28aug2k10 0319

      Logic-sunrise has posted pics of internal chips of x3jailbreak. looks like we're about to embrace a real clone that works ;p they'll post videos of the clone in action soon. and don't forget, x3jailbreak has promised to send me a sample unit also, so pakgamers will have a cloen encounter of the modchip in the form of proof video also ;p

      UPDATE-14 31aug2k10 0545

      Mathieulh and his team have cloned the dongle's functionality . You need an AT90 USB KEY (aka Tweensy++) . which costs around $30 or .. around 2800 Rs.
      If our wholesellers can instead just import these programmable boards it'll be much cheaper than the current dongles. and again, i'd love to get my hands on some programmable hardware.

      I highly doubt if i can get any of this AT90 USB Key in local electronic market :s will call up someone. guys share info if you can find any electronics outlet/supplier , selling these anywhere in Pakistan.

      UPDATE-15 1sep2k10 0415am
      x3jailBreak posted a proof video

      PAKGAMERS tips 101
      Assuming the hack is true, and you want to enjoy it sometime in the future
      1- DO NOT update your firmware.
      2- DO NOT cry and moan about your ps3 losing usb inputs, CAZ IT WILL and you'll go to hell for that.
      3- Start saving up for a bigger HDD. ;p
      4- Do NOT eat any spicy food / drink carbonized drinks in the next few weeks. its very important or the hack won't work on your ps3

      1- Oh Gawd!!!! What will I do if sony punishes me, oh no!!!
      Ans: Just DO NOT update your PS3. Sony can't do a single thing other than push in a new update and tell you to update it.
      2- BUT BUT ... I WANT ONLINE, i miss all my pimply friends online.
      Ans: Then just buy all your games like you've be doing so far, and DO NOT use this hack. you're safe. enjoy your gaming. RIGHT NOW if you use this hack, it is being said that you can go online, but this might not last for long once sony analysizes how this hack works.
      3- BUT I want to USE this HACK and still want to play online and play the latest games, OH and i wish i had a Ferrari?
      Ans: Well if you use this hack. you've to play by the 'scene's rules ;p one of those is, to not yet update your firmware until there is clear evidence that new firmwares can still use the hack.
      4- Die you pirates, I paid for all my games. I don't want this ugly, immoral, unethical hack on the ps3. My ps3 feels so cheap now that i've been paying all my life (well last 4 years) for my games and now you guys get to get all this kinda free?
      Ans: Well, you DONT HAVE to use the hack. No one's forcing you. Enjoy your 100% legit gaming
      5- Oh holy mother of God!!! i will lose all my USB ports, oh now, what am i gonna do. Sony will kill my parents, its because of you guys! you pirates!!!!?
      Ans: The USB ports will probably stay there, sony will just blacklist the USB dongle and similar devices, or will get rid of the exploit that lets the DONGLE play all backups. Again Sony won't kill your parents if you can wait for the community to come up with better counters to sony's attacks.

      6- Can i play copied games offline with this hack and for online just use an original disc?
      Well this hack is plug and play, if you take out the Dongle and then try a genuine game and go online, sony might not detect it, but since ppl are saying that once you've the backup-manager installed, you can't remove it, so sony MIGHT detect that backup-manager and ban you for that. NO ONE knows for real now, unless the mod chip is widespreadly used. And also, you won't be able to use the hack for long , since VERY SOON sony will release an update and you'll have to update your PS3 to be able to play online, so you can say good bye to the hack when you update for the online goodie ;P

      REQUIREMENTS for using this mod:

      1- A FAT or SLIM PS3 running 3.41 firmware.
      2- The USB DONGLE, it has all the code probably hardwired/stored into it, which makes the ps3 run backup copies and unsigned code.
      3- The backupManager app from www.psjailbreak.com its ~600KB. Put it on a usb flash drive and install it.
      4- An Original PS3 game.

      STEPS TO DUMP and PLAY a PS3 game:

      a- make sure your ps3 is turned off, with no power cables plugged (in case of SLIM PS3).
      b- Plug in the USB DONGLE.
      c- Plugin the power cable, make sure the power is on to thePS3
      d- PRESS THE 'POWER' button (the front one) on the ps3 and instantly press the EJECT button.
      e- now wait till the USB DONGLE shows a green light, it means the DONGLE has injected its code. IF the green light isn't lit, perform step 'd' untill you get a green light on the dongle
      f- Plugin a usb in the second USB port. The usb should have the PackageManager from the donwload section of www.psjailbreak.com.
      g- you should see the install Package Manager option because of the dongle. Install the PackageManager.
      h- Now insert an original PS3 game that you want to copy.
      i- Run the packageManager and in its list you should see the PS3 game that you inserted. Use the button marked for "COPY" and the game should copy.
      j- using steps "I" and "J' you can copy all the original games that you own.

      HOW TO PLAY your backup games now
      - coming soon

      - HDD Buying instructions
      So you want to use the modchip and for that you're planning to buy a bigger HDD? Here are few simple advices that you can follow to get the most out of your money.
      1- Go for an internal HDD instead of an external one
      Internal harddisk on the ps3 are tested to be atleast 3 times faster in copying the games from the blu ray drive, as well as game load times during gameplay. The reason is simple the external USB drive can transfer at a max speed of 60 MegaBytes per second, compared to the max 280 MegaBytes per second speed of sata 2.0. That's alot of difference ;p
      2- Bigger doesn't always mean better
      Sure the external 3.5" hdd will get you more storage for less money, but the question you should ask yourself is, are you going to use the external hdd only for archival purposes, or you're going to actually use it for playing games off it on the ps3. if you wan't to play games from an external USB hdd, it'll be much slower. So if you prefer loading speed over storage size, go for internal 2.5" hdd otherwise get the bigger 3.5" hdd.

      Last edited by Rebel640; 13-08-12 at 05:25 AM.
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      omg this sounds promising :P

      n wtf is sony crazy disabling the usb port omg im never goin to update my ps3 :P

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      Does it work!!!!!????? When will it be released????how much is it for????

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      guys i'm posting the game sizes below as collected by ps3 news forum thread. this will give you an idea of how much space each game will take on your hdd ;p
      For instance i'm now happy that with my 320gb ps3 hdd, i can now have 20-30 big games backed up on it ;p

      Blu-Ray (PS3) Games:

      Consult the first post list for game sizes (Above ^ )


      Quote Originally Posted by AceGamer View Post
      Does it work!!!!!????? When will it be released????how much is it for????
      like i mentioned in the first post , they're saying it'll sell for $120, (and it says they're ready to ship), hoping its not fake ;p who knows they'll really ship.

      thats around 10,000rs ;p for the mod, but if its just a flash drive, .. you can get the files from your closest torrent tracker for free after a while ;p
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      Pretty fishy. I'm almost willing to bet that it's a scam and nothing more.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Shyber View Post
      Pretty fishy. I'm almost willing to bet that it's a scam and nothing more.
      Considering they actually went through the pain to:

      1- setup two complete websites
      2- Write a ps3 executable fself file that for now confirmed makes dumps of ps3 games to hdd and flash drive (which an average joe youtube funny guys can't do)
      3- sent samples of the drive and hacks to different people

      it might either be some very well planned joke, or its the real deal.

      btw i checked the modchip website's whois info, and the site was registered ~25 days ago, and its registered for 2 years. assume whatever you may, since right now Even Mathieulh and the lead ps3 dev guys aren't sure if it might turn out to be a scam.

      these guys have either scored some top secret sony certificates the the flash drive uses or have discovered a long awaited exploit that no one yet knows about ;o
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      Quote Originally Posted by Rebel640 View Post
      Considering they actually went through the pain to:

      1- setup two complete websites
      2- Write a ps3 executable fself file that for now confirmed makes dumps of ps3 games to hdd and flash drive (which an average joe youtube funny guys can't do)
      3- sent samples of the drive and hacks to different people

      it might either be some very well planned joke, or its the real deal.

      btw i checked the modchip website's whois info, and the site was registered ~25 days ago, and its registered for 2 years. assume whatever you may, since right now Even Mathieulh and the lead ps3 dev guys aren't sure if it might turn out to be a scam.

      these guys have either scored some top secret sony certificates the the flash drive uses or have discovered a long awaited exploit that no one yet knows about ;o

      I think if they're planning on selling it 120$ a pop, then all those troubles are nothing really. Well worth the time and effort. Besides, they hardly had to spend anything.
      Anyways, let's hope for the best

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      I highly doubt if it can run games from HDD without a game disk in your ps3, couz this little exploit can copy games data but game keys are not possible to copy into HDD and even if it can the system we will use this exploit will not be looking for those keys in HDD it will always look in drive since this exploit aint making any changes in SPU process.

      so far what I have seen with backup manager its a super mod copy of secretly released SDK jig files of Ps3 which allow games to run with execution nothing more than that, I am just wating for ps scene dev's to have some words on it mainly from meth / demon / cjp

      best part is about the name Jailbreak which is only used by Geohot in past who left ps scene a long ago I think its his work ... just a speculation.

      I hope this works and starts an entire new era of ps3 gaming.

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      ^ @wolfy, the instructions so far say you need to have a retail disc inside the ps3 to be able to use the hack. but its no big deal if you can put any blu ray game inside the ps3 and play any of the dozens games off your hdd via this hack ;p, again the playing games off hdd is pure speculation, don't sue me for sayin this ;p
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      Geohotz almost had full control over the HDD still he was unable to crack the spu's or something, the real deal is the cell chip & the blu-ray drive combo..



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