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saw smackdown

the miz opens up the show and addresses his and shanes position atm..

so as bayley and sasha said on raw they would come onto smackdown and challenge iiconics and well they did and challenged them in a match, bayley and sasha got defeated by the iiconics lol

the KO show with becky and charlotte went a bit too handsy as KO put a bit of fire between them hahha

daniel bryan addresses the wwe universe and says so all about kofi and how he is underserving..

the gauntlet match for kofi starts and first up is sheamus, than it was cesaro both got defeated, than comes rowan and he gets defeated too, than samoa he gets defeated too, than comes randy and he is defeated too damn kofi is ON FIREEEE and then the twist vince comes outa nd says one more challenger and thats daniel himself and well sadly here comes the end to kofi after all those wins he got upset by daniel uffff
Honestly its obvi what are they upto Kofi bryan for WWE title this match is not Wrestlemania match they should have around more stronger contender for bryan as bryan headline with batista orton kofi is much weaker comparatively|

WM talk
Angle's match against corbin is awful as last match
Braun in andre the giant battle royal cmon he should be in a bigger match
disappoint for him