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    Thread: [Aurora] ROUNDTABLE - What if MS releases a Halo spin off every year?

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      [Aurora] ROUNDTABLE - What if MS releases a Halo spin off every year?

      Written by : PROJECT AURORA
      Original Date: July 4, 2008


      The THREE year anticipation and hype machine built up by Microsoft for each Halo game was one of the major factors to make it a colossal franchise which went on to outdo other entertainment releases like major summer movies & novels. The annual spin-off idea will no doubt treat fans to a spanking new story and gameplay every year but at what cost? The short development time may affect the quality of the game, people may NOT prefer to play any guy other than Master Chief (Halo 2 Arbiter), people won't be just as FRENZIED at the annual unveiling of a new Halo game every year i.e. the impact won't be as grand as Halo 2 & Halo 3's first teaser trailers. Add to the fact that, gamers might not welcome a drastic change in the genre. Halo Wars is quite an anticipated game but admittedly, the anticipation levels falls flat when compared to Halo 2 or Halo 3. Gamers might accuse Microsoft of milking money out of Halo franchine a, la EA does. The reaction will be positive initially but not in the long term.


      I'll have to disagree with that. MS realizes the Halo franchise is more sacred than being whored out with Barbie horse adventure spin-offs. They signed PJ for the cinematic game, they got Ensemble ( the RTS house that created Age of Empires ) to do Halo Wars. They know how important this franchise is to the fans and they would be stupid to milk it with dirty hands. Would i mind if Turn10 makes a warthog racer? HELL NO! i would love that. I know Turn10 makes awesome games and the Halo connection will just make it a must buy. In the end it depends on MS, so far they have been very respectful towards the franchise. Its hard to believe that the first game only came out 8 years ago, with the fan following you'd think it has been around since forever. We Halo fans have accepted the fact the Halo trilogy has ended with a bang in 3 so rather than a new shooter being an extension of that storyline i would rather get my Halo fix in other genres. Crackdown is a great example how the Halo brand can help underachieving game get the acclaim they deserve.


      Well, my last line goes. "The reaction will be positive initially but not in the long term." Of course, Peter Jackson is my inspiration for my career, I'd love his game. Ensemble are one of the best RTS makers out there. Turn 10 is the racing giant. I'm talking about LONG TERM. I'd personally BUY every Halo game even if it's crap which certainly it's NOT going to be.

      My ONLY point is that, annual spin-offs will NOT make as BIG SPLASH as Halo FPS trilogy itself.


      I'll have to agree with Raptoria.
      Initially fans will love it and then the redundancy will take over.

      Need for Speed and Smackdown comes to mind. One good titles after 3-4 failures. I'd rather wait for 4 years and get a polished product than get annual treatment. Of course, polished products every year would be the best case scenario, but nothing is ideal in this world. I highly doubt anyone can do that.


      It would fall in to the same category as Half Life 2 then. Good game but too short. Its better to wait for three years rather than completing it in a short time and dont remember it.

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      yoo man what i found in the pile of unknw PG Articlez....btw u guyz didnt evn took the opinion of usuf in this.sad indeed sad

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      What is project Aurora?



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