Salam alikum,

I'm considering this Hisense A6100 65 inch TV. Is it good enough for movies Netflix and Amazon Prime?

I read several good reviews about it on Amazon UK where it's almost same variant is being sold.

I wanted to get Hisense U7A but it's not in stock anymore. And this is the only hisense 65 inch model available in Pakistan.

Please let me know if anyone else is using this exact model? How is performance of fast paced 4K movies?
I read a few comments that for fast paced action movies it's picture quality gets pixelated/distorted/blurry. Did anyone noticed that?

Other option on top of my list was Samsung RU7400 but I had to drop it since Samsung is not supporting DTS Codec anymore which is used in a lot of torrrent movies. So that's a problem for me. But please let me know if there is a way to get through this problem? Also Samsung ru7400 65 inch price on MRM and Carrefour is 230K. While in Lahore local Hall Road and Abid Market the rate varies, 220K, 210K. One shop keeper quoted 195K with Samsung official warranty. Isn't it too good to be true? Although another shop keeper quoted 195K but without warranty.

As for Hisense A6100 65 inch there is a promotion for 130K with 2 years warranty.

I don't think TCL is a good option so I am not looking into that.

Many Thanks