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    Thread: Advice on Thermal Paste

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      Advice on Thermal Paste

      Hope you are all well. Just needed some expert advice on repasting cpu and gpu of my gaming laptop.
      My gpu runs at 85 - 90C under load.
      (Max temp limit is 96)
      CPU runs at 70C to 80C under load at max performance setting.
      Should I go for Arctic MX-4 or Thermal Grizzly Cryonaut.
      Cryonaut's specifications say that it is stable upto 80C.
      Now I game for several hrs at a time. So keep in mind that my gpu has to work continuously for 4 to 5 hrs at 80C to 90C at a time.

      Laptop: Clevo Scan 3XS (N850HP6)
      CPU: i7 7700HQ
      GPU: GTX 1060 6 GB

      So considering everything above. WHICH PASTE SHOULD I GO FOR?

      Looking forward to your expert opinions PakGamers.
      Thank you in adv.

      P.S. I know some people will say why do I have such high temps. Well, first of all, it is a laptop afterall. Also, I've tried a lot of things to keep it cooler. I use a cooling pad. Play in a well ventilated room. Ambient temperature is around 30C at my loc these days. I clean my laptop reg. I've been playing on the laptop for more than 6 months now and its never caused any issue. Even though i play for 5 to 6 hrs everyday. Also, it does not throttle for some reason and max temp limit set by manufacturer is 96C. The highest temp ive seen is 92C. So now i thought maybe i should repaste as well. The laptop has been used for around 1.5 yrs btw.

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      Nothing brings down thermals better than undervolting. Even a mild undervolt of 100mV will spell miracle on the thermals.

      My 70W Inoo3D GT440 went down from 80-85c to a solid 70c after applying 100mV undervolt and a 6% underclock directly in the BIOS. Now, it runs remarkably cool, even in extreme heat!

      Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to hack GTX 1000 Series GPUs' BIOS so your only option is MSI Afterburner which can be a hit or miss.



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