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    Thread: Dell 745

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      Dell 745

      Aoa. I have a optiplex 745 and I wan to use a h61 mothervoard in it.The issue is that,in dell the frount panel connector are attached on a single cable. So can anyone tell me a way to use my dell case ??

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      I know it's a VERY old question but since no one has answered it yet, I think I should chime in.

      The problem isn't just the front panel connector. Oh dear no! That's just the tip of a MASSIVE iceberg, my friend.

      The thing is; almost all branded systems have proprietary components and hence aren't 100% compatible with ATX standard hardware.

      Look closely at the motherboard in your 745 then compare it with a Gigabyte GA-H61 micro-ATX motherboard. The difference is night and day as you can see:

      Notice the location of the expansion slots, CPU socket, DIMM slots, SATA slots, 24-Pin power connector, 4-pin CPU connector (12v), the location of screw holes or pretty much everything!

      And that's the difference between proprietary and ATX motherboards, which is rather significant ! You can't put a proprietary motherboard in an ATX compliant chassis or vice-versa. And that's why you should ALWAYS buy an ATX computer, if you plan to upgrade in the near future.

      A cousin of mine has a Dell Optiplex 990 with an i5-2400. A few weeks ago, a capacitor and few chips on his motherboard blew up for some reason and now he's totally helpless! He's this PC for sale on OLX for weeks now yet no one wants to buy it. No one can repair it. No shopkeeper who sells Optiplex 990 systems would sell him a new motherboard. And what else? He paid 14,000 for this machine only last year!

      He's screwed and ripped!

      If he had an ATX system, he'd have easily replaced the motherboard.

      Long story short; DO NOT buy those Optiplex machines! Build your own PC.
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