2017's Power Rangers will not get a sequel, according to star Dacre Montgomery, as a reboot is said to be in the works. Two years ago, Lionsgate and Hasbro released what was set to be the start of a mega-franchise and a return of the Power Rangers to prominence. The companies touted ahead of the film's release that it was the first in an ambitiously planned seven-film franchise.
Directed by Dean Israelite and sporting a strong, young cast, Power Rangersdid not meet expectations critically or financially. The movie had a mixed reception and wound up only grossing $142 million on a reported $100M budget. However, Power Rangers did achieve something close to a cult following and has kept talk of a possible sequel afloat despite its performance financially. There have been discussions of another Power Rangers movie in the works for over a year, but it was always a bit unclear if it would be a reboot or a direct sequel to the 2017 film.

Unfortunately for fans of Power Rangers, the latter does not appear to be in the cards. Dacre Montgomery, who played the Red Ranger in the film and recently starred as Billy on Stranger Things, recently took part in a Reddit AMA(via: Power Rangers Now) and revealed the news. In response to a question about the potential of Power Rangers 2 happening, Montgomery replied, "I think there is a movie in the works but it's not with me and the cast. So yes but not with us."

As disheartening as this news may be for some fans, these plans are still not confirmed by Hasbro and Lionsgate. They have confirmed that a new movie is in the works, but they've yet to officially say whether it will be a sequel or a reboot. That said, if Montgomery was told that he and his fellow castmates are done (and freed from their likely multiple-film contracts), then that is a reliable indicator that Power Rangers 2 isn't happening. Since this is only what Montgomery thinks, though, there could still be a small chance that possible plans for a reboot will be reversed in favor of a proper sequel.

While a sequel to a movie that barely made its budget back is rare, it isn't too difficult to imagine Power Rangers 2 performing better than the first movie. Montgomery himself is a more recognizable face now thanks to Stranger Things, while Naomi Scott recently co-starred in Disney's live-action
Aladdin,which is inching towards $1 billion, and is also set to lead Charlie's Angels this fall. Meanwhile, Ludi Lin could star in Marvel's Shang-Chi, Becky G is a budding international pop star, and RJ Cyler built up his filmography with roles in Black Lightningand Swamp Thing. With a bit more star power and potentially more favorable reviews, Power Rangers 2 could be successful. And in a time when IP and franchises are driving the box office, a sequel could at least count on a built-in audience.

If Hasbro and Lionsgate do elect to ditch this promising cast with a new take, it will be fascinating to see what they change and how quickly they do it. An even lower budget will probably come to the next Power Rangers film regardless of its reboot or sequel status, but it will also likely mean casting another young, relatively unknown cast. This could lead to a reboot facing some of the same issues in terms of global appeal that the first movie did. If that is the path that is chosen, though, then hopefully the next Power Rangers movie performs better than the most recent one.

Dacre Montgomery/Reddit, Power Rangers Now