Hi Guys,

I recently bought a 65" TCL for my lounge and now I'm in the search of a good surround system. I'm new to the sound thing so I don't know what to look for when getting a sound system.
I searched some stuff and turns out Edifier and Logitech have some really good reviews, and I don't need a blu-ray player as I already have a PS4.

The one's I've been looking at are, Logitech z906 and Edifier C6XD. I know there's a huge price difference between the two and quality might differ too but, I'm trying not to go above 50-60k and these are the ones I found and seem to have some good reviews. I read that the S550 are really good but they cost like 80k and that's a bit over my budget. Anyway, all recommendations are welcome and if putting in more money would be well worth it then I can do that too.

Thanks in advance.