I have to install an inverter AC in my bedroom 14.6 x 16 ft. so i guess 1.5 ton inverter is fine.
i have a budget of ~80k.

i believe following features should be considered:
-T3 compressor
-4.0 EER
-Gold Fin
-10+ year compressor warranty
-Low power consumption (obviously :P)
-good customer support.

The options are:

-Kenwood eSmart 1820s.
-Dawlance Mega T3.
-PEL Fit series.
-Orient Ultron Super Mirror Black.
-LG T3 ?


now, im confused because each of them have their own issues.
-kenwood seems better option, but ive read bad customer reviews on google maps. also issues like grammar mistakes in user manual. etc

-Dawlance provide 12 years compressor warranty and good customer support. its Mega t3 seems to be their newer model but i cant find any info on that. no EER ratio and power ratings mentioned on their website.

-Pel customer service is not good either. Fit has eer 4.0 but its not a T3 model.

-Orient doesnt have any T3 model i guess, and warranty is only 3 years. also read bad reviews on facebook page.

-does LG has official dealer in karachi? i can extend my budget if there is any reliable model someone can recommend.

My room is on top floor. north side wall and ceiling gets direct heat from sun. but the outer will be place in the shade. so do i really need a T3 AC for karachi weather.

so what would be the wise choice here. what other options do i have?

Positive feedback is highly appreciated.