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    Thread: Any reliable mouse FFS!!!!

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      Lazy guy :s
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      Logitech planning to release a new version of MX518. I'm waiting for that. I bought a logitech g102 from Aliexpress and it's giving me double click problems just after 4 months xD

      I think I press the buttons too hard. I'm trying to find mice with Omron Switches with the non "-F' model which requires 105g or so actuation force rather than the 75g actuation force most regular gaming mice offer. This means the button will require more force to click but will have a longer life for those who press too hard. But most companies don't list these detailed infos. SteelSeries Mouse seem to have hard buttons (have experience with rival 300)

      In short MX518, steelseries rival 310 sensei look nice to me.

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      Bloody's IR switches are great, no double-click problems on the main buttons. However their mice do develop other issues after a year or two.

      My non-IR bloody developed double click, my IR-bloody (TL-70) has developed a serious issue with the flick-switch type button (the one next to the wheel). The mouse became unusable but dimagh laraya and saved it (basically connected a wireless mouse and disabled that button in bloody settings).

      I wouldn't recommend them for longevity.

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      play'in Like A Bauss!

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      I used to have a a4tech mouse I bought for 300 pkr like 7 years ago which worked flawlessly, It would have issues with the click stop working but using some Philips contact cleaner would fix the mouse and make it brand new, But I thought it's time to replace it and more than a year ago bought Bloody A90 which is working fine aswell so I'd recommend that. Build quality is nice aswell. I play Dota so it does get some rough usage xD

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      I am in the same boat. I had an A4tech bloody series mouse last year which starting giving me double click issues so i went out and got a Logitech G302 thinking its a good brand. The mouse isn't bad but not even an year has passed and it has started giving me the double click issue as well. I thought about getting the Logitech g402 but that thing uses the same switches as the G302 so i am staying away from it for now.

      What should i do? I am kinda skeptical about spending a lot on the mouse since i haven't got a good experience with the last 3 mice i had. Thinking of getting a cheap red dragon mouse from czone. What other options do i have? The current one i have (Logitech G302) is unusable in its current state.

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      I think bloody Mice are alright, not too costly and does the job. I have bloody V3 model and it has been doing great for an year. My only concern is the build material/quality, as the top has the clear scratches.

      What about Zowie Mice, are they good for gaming and durability?



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