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    Thread: Dell Optiplex 760 for gaming

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      Question Dell Optiplex 760 for gaming

      My PC Specs are
      Processor : Intel(R) Core (TM2) Quad CPU Q965 @ 3.00 GHZ 2.99 GHZ
      RAM : 4 GB
      I currently have tower casing, I am planning to use this pc for gaming by installing high power supply and graphic card . I have 3 questions

      1) After upgrading the PC , will I get good gaming results in games like GTA5 , Far cry 4/ 5 , Assasin creed ?
      2) Since i wont be able to put power supply in original casing , can i shift the hardware to any new casing with sufficient space ?
      3) Shall i upgrade this pc for gaming ?
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      Well, Earthworm Jim...

      I mean just Earthworm, Dell 760 isn't suitable for gaming, due to a number of reasons:

      1. You can't fit a dual-slot GPUs in the 760. The expansion slots are located at the top of the mobo hence the PCIe x16 slot is facing the capacitors, CMOS battery and all that nonsense.

      2. Even if you find a single slot GPU, the length of the GPU is going to pose a problem because the CPU's cooler is located just at the side of the PCI x16 slot! It's a total nightmare for gamers.

      3. Get past all these obstacles and you'll run into overheating issues as there's no rear fan so the system gets pretty hot in summer and there's no connector to mount an exhaust fan. The reason I know this is because I've a Dell Optiplex 755 MT (Same as Optiplex 760 MT) paired with a Nvidia GT440 Mini and that thing often reach 85c.

      P.S I too was thinking about upgrading the GPU as the GT440 isn't exactly a beast and can't even dream of running games like GTA-V, RE7, Hitman 2016, MGS-V etc. About the only GPU I managed to find on AliExpress that 'might' fit in the 755 MT chassis is the GTX550Ti (4,000 rupees with free shipping to Pakistan) which is quite old and requires a 6-Pin. And since that thing has a TDP of 115W, it'd run even hotter than my 70W GT440!

      Needless to say; I've 100% given up on the idea of upgrading the 755 and thinking about building a new system instead.

      Long story short; if you want to play modern games then it's best to either build your own system or opt for Dell Optiplex 990, throw an i7 CPU, a new PSU and a GTX960 or something. That setup will surely handle modern AAA titles at 45ish FPS.

      I hope it helps.



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