1) How to pick name ? that will be everywhere i will use and make a brand out of it in future , its soo hard to pick name ( i cant use my real name its very common )

2) Where to upload art ? the first thing come to my mind is deviant art but i see people post on other sites like carbonmade and chiness sites as well

3) Is it fair to copy people for practice / learn , not uploading it anywhere ( maybe shareing it with creator in dm on reddit , to get more tips out of them )

4) Can i make free art commision just for fun on sub reddits like this one ? or every sub reddit is different and i have to make sure if its allowed first

5) Incase let say i make different types of art like lietarlly multiples , how do i arange the profolio ? on let say if i use deviant art / instagragm / facebook
like make folders and what not for it ? or just stick to one type ? sticking to one type is boring

6) Should i use minimilastic software first like paint tool sai before jump to industry standard photoshop , or go all in and just do photoshop from start to end

7) well i have kamvas pro 12 , my monitor actually is vga one by samsung 1366*178 res , the tablet on other hand goes 1080p i belive and has higher resolution sooo do i need to change monitor first ? is that urgent requirement ? or i can buy later along the line

8) is it better to keep drawing and learning ( via tutorials ) or just learn first then dive in the rabbit hole ?
learning part gets boring

RN my pc specs are

i7 3770 , 16 gb ram , sufficent storage space and also have ssd , and 1080 windforce gigabyte gpu

this sufficent for now ? cuz i dont have money to upgrade