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    Thread: Objective book recommendations

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      Objective book recommendations

      Hello All PG members,

      I have been an avid book reader and stumble here and there for book recommendations, I foraged through the Official book thread, found good fiction and non fiction recommendations there but most of it is people fighting over which book is better and in recommendations people don't mention why this has been a such a good read and the most compelling factor in reading fiction, is it didactic? yes you can read fiction absolutely as passive entertainment and books like 50 shades (The adult fiction genre) hold no intellectual value and are turning people into asinine mad cows, i think @devilscallmedad and few other are trying to make the same point. You can't bundle up an entire swathe of books and churn them into "Fiction". Tadaaa! and if one is reading non fiction it feels insulting to recommend a book on struggles ottoman empire in that forum.

      In the end fiction boils down to two dichotomous paths.
      1- Fiction that has some underlying message and teaches you a valuable lesson
      2- Fiction that is utter garbage and is just a way to kill time like using FB, there is a lot of it.

      From my experience i would like to share some fiction-NF titles.

      1- 1984 George orwell;(5/5) ( credit to @Em0s ) : One of the most consequential books in dystopian fiction, orwell paints a picture of society in 1984 in 1949 and he couldn't do a better job, this book almost seems prophetic. The plans of government, the hatred of eternal enemy, the suffering of a common man & the vigilante justice. This book should be mandatory in schools. The best line from the book " He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past.”

      2- Animal farm;(4/5) A marvel of laconic fiction, A simple terse story, about social structure of society,explain with characters of animals and a realization that those spearheading any revolution will repeat the same cycle as their predecessor. The best line from the book " All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

      3-Charlotte's web;
      (4/5) A sentimental tale of friendship , although its a children's book it strings the heart of people of all ages. A must read for anyone.

      4- fahrenheit 451;(4/5) A tale that delineates why books are cardinal. what happens in a society which becomes oblivious to books. How restriction of books is a mechanism to restrict logical discussion of ideas, and in a society where books are forbidden nobody remembers anything, the past is gone and there is nothing to be learned. One of the best lines , the very first line of the book in fact " It was a pleasure to burn"

      5- Catch-22 (4.5/5)- A tale of bloated bureaucracy, the madness of warfare in europe in 19th century, and a will of a common man to survive it, his fears, his ethics and his longing to return home and all his inane tactics to just get out. All this with a hint of humor and laughter. This is in fact one of good passive fictions. The best line from the book " “It doesn't make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who's dead"

      6- A peace to end all peace ( non fiction- history ); if you want to learn about the creation of middle east, The fall of ottoman empire and how in fact it were muslims themselves; who by colluding with Britain, precipitated the fall of this rococo last asset of muslim world.
      This book will inform you about TE lawrence, how a single soul made a fool out of all muslim tribes by goading them to fight against their own brothers in lust of wealth and utopia, and how ibn saud were nothing before 1923 but just a pack of looters who used to loot muslims out of their belongings, how the Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca lost of everything and i think he is one of the greatest idiots of 19th century.
      You will also learn about the creation of jewland, and how two idiots named Skye and picot just insouciantly drew lines in the sand and stated the creation of all what is middle east. This book is a historical marvel , although written by a european it patently states the misgivings of european powers inflicted upon muslims and hence started an era of precariousness.

      more books to follow----

      I am not a connoisseur of books, i just want to promulgate these important books that i think should be read by others in a objective manner.
      I hope others can do the same, make objective book recommendations.

      Shout out to @Blastwave & @Ottoman.

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      Animal Farm must absolutely be read by all Pakistani youth, in my opinion.

      If you haven't read it, My name is Red, by Nobel winner Turkish Orhan Pamuk.

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      I read some of paulo coelho ( Alchemist, Pilgrimage) , Haruki Murakami (men without women, kafka on the shore, Norwegian woods which I am going to start reading)
      and franz kafka (
      metamorphosis). All three are awesome writers and would in a way, fall under this category of non fiction.
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