So i placed an order on on november 27 and they asked me to transfer partial payment of Rs. 10,000 which I did. Then they proceeded to lie to me for 3 months that order will be delivered soon.

In February they finally told me they could not get the ordered item for me and are willing to give me Rs. 10,000 balance for a future purchase. LOL. i told them no thanks, kindly refund me the full amount. I emailed them bank details etc they asked for on 25th Feb and they replied they will be refunding the amount in 12-15 days. Still no refund and upon calling them they keep saying system down call back later or they will get back to me after speaking with finance department, which they never do.

Legally what can I do to get my money back. What's really pissing me off is not the 10k but their extremely unprofessional behaviour and the countless times I called them to check up on my order and they kept lying to me with crap like 2 more weeks till delivery every time. Now they are not giving me any information as to when they will refund the amount. I have never encountered a worse online retailer than ishopping ever in Pakistan.