Hello.............I m looking for a new internet service provider . I have a budget of pakistani rupees 1100 per month . My existing ISP has a package of 2 mbps at rupees.950 and 4 mbps at rupees. 1600 . But i need an ISP which has a speed of atleast 4 mbps and the budget i already have told is rupees. 1100 per month . I live in Gulshan-e-Jamal , Karachi . So is there any ISP which is charging rupees 1100 or under this price? again i tell u speed should be minimum 4 mbps . Another thing i tell u is that many ISPs advertise their business by telling that for example in my case they say that they are charging rupees 950 for 2mbps to 5 mbps and rupees 1600 for 4 mbps to 8 mbps. So all i get is 2mbps and 4 mbps or speed under that respectively. I didn't get speed over 2 mbps or 4 mbps respectively anytime ever. So is there any ISP that is giving 4mbps at rupees 1100 or under that. Any suggestions will be much appreciated from u all. thanks..