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    Thread: Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 240 PRO Addressable-RGB AIO CPU Cooler

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      Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 240 PRO Addressable-RGB AIO CPU Cooler

      Founded in 1996, Deepcool has been one of the most personalized thermal solution providers in the world. Especially when it comes to CPU Coolers, the Deepcool has proved its competency and design innovation by providing all-in-one CPU Liquid coolers with standout designs. We recently reviewed Deepcool’s Gammaxx L240 RGB cooler, which is one fantastic looking product in the market. Then there is a Castle series that has been popular for breathtaking distinguished designed. Recently, Deepcool has released the most anticipating, Captain series All-in-One liquid cooler, so-called Captain 240 PRO.

      Today, I am taking a look at the Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 240 PRO All-in-One CPU Liquid Cooler. The cooler offers three-way process includes Radiator, Tubing and CPU Block. The radiator dimension is 290×120×27 mm, which can easily handle 2x 120mm fans and for the said purpose, it came with a couple of 120mm fans. The Aluminum Radiator is black and 290 mm long. The tubes are black with braided sleeved, is 300mm long. The pump on top of block runs at a rated speed 2200 RPM, while the base is copper. The whole product is weight at 1478 g. With the Addressable RGB feature, the cooler offers the brightest colors having distinguished RGB patterns on every nod. This cooler is pricing at $139.99 on Amazon and available worldwide. Let’s move on to the specs:

      The Package and the Content:

      We received the cooler in a cardboard box. The box offers a black base color and a green strip. On the front, the GamerStorm logo is found at the top corner and ARGB Sync board’s icons on the other side. FYI, our setup is based on Gigabyte, so Gigabyte RGB Fusion can be identified among them. The CPU Cooler is pictured on the front adds good appearance to the box. The “Captain 240 PRO” is printed on the edge of a green strip in a huge, white font.

      Moving to the backside, we get a ton of information related to the product in detail and tabular form. First thing first, the upper sketches are elaborating the dimension of CPU Cooler I.e. Radiator and CPU Block. Moving down a bit, there are features in bullet points with some explanation. INTEL and AMD Socket information at the bottom, while the product brief specification is located on the right side.

      On one side of the box, we get the features and includes Automatic pressure adjustment technology, RGB SYNC, ADD-RGB Controller and the Socket support (AMD TR4). These features are designed in square boxes. A huge Captain 240 PRO is printed on top of them. Else is pretty much regular.

      Another side contains the barcode stickers and a warranty label, too.

      We open the box and found Polyethylene Foam placed right at the top. For maximum safety procedures, this foam has been used by almost every manufacturer so nothing that of special here.

      Removing it, we witness the components are nicely packed inside the white cardboard tray that adds organize the components inside the box and of course the safety, especially when the case is sensitive, and in our instance, the components are very much damage free. Here, the interesting aspect is that the cardboard tray is in white color, unlikely, as out of numerous unboxings, this is our first time seeing white tray.

      We unpacked the stuff and arranged all the stuff in a single capture.

      Following are the components you will get inside the box.
      • 1x Heatsink set
      • 2x fan
      • 8x Fan Screw
      • 8x Case Screw
      • 1x Back plate
      • 4x Screw Bolt
      • 4x Nut A
      • 4x Nut B
      • 1x Thermal plaste
      • 2x Bracket (INTEL)
      • 4x LGA 20XX Bolt
      • 1x Bracket A (AMD)
      • 4x TR4 Bolt
      • 1x Bracket B (AMD)

      Other Accessories:
      • 1x ADD-RGB Cable Controller
      • 1x ADD-RGB Extension Cable A
      • 1x ADD-RGB Extension Cable B
      • 1x ADD-RGB Hub
      • 1x Fan Hub
      • 1x Fan Extension cable
      • 1x Thermal Paste
      • GamerStorm Sticker

      Captain 240 PRO – A Close Look
      The Radiator

      Once we are done with a brief overview, we now closely look at the components. We set off with the Radiator. The Deepcool Captain 240 PRO has a black, Aluminum radiator, which offers a matte black finish. Having dimension 290x120x27mm where the radiator is about 290mm long, 120mm wide and thickness of 27mm. A 290mm long radiator is not something regular to catch up, especially for 240mm AIO coolers, this extended length is somewhat special. The connected tubes are channelling towards the CPU block.

      It is noteworthy to mention that the sides are stand out with the mirror-plating design. It definitely brings more aesthetics than typical plain surfaces. In addition, the knobs are located on top of the mirror plates. Although it doesn’t matter what outer shell has to offer vs the thermal performance, we should accept the fact that aesthetics, these days, influencing the purchases even more than ever.

      The GamerStorm branding adds a good notch to the appearance, it just couldn’t be sexier than this. As for the technical, the radiator reveals 27mm thickness, which is a standard thickness for a 240mm cooler. A matter of fact, a 25-27mm is a standard thickness that has been seen in most AIO coolers, including the Corsair ones, however, there are still a few Coolers, like Swiftech ones, which offers 29mm or even 30mm thickness.

      We also take a close look at the screw areas. There are two mounting fan locations with 8 screws positions and each fan takes up-to 4 screws. The build quality is unquestionable and appeared as good as the competition. With the radiator being 240mm, dual 120mm fans will be utilized to cool down the coolant that flows inside the radiator channels. The outer housing, called the Radiator Shroud is always a few millimeters thinner than the outer shell. The reason behind such design is to avoid the screw-hitting to the radiator fins. This way, the distance between the fans and the fins is standard at factory settings that seems more logical and additionally, ensures an even and smooth airflow.

      Aside from a beautiful looking radiator, the length also comes to notice. Following the technical details, the radiator is 290mm...

      Click here to view the article.

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      Awesome review @nafu I couldn't have asked for a more detailed one.

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      it is very well detailed.

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      Quote Originally Posted by neox3d View Post
      Awesome review @nafu I couldn't have asked for a more detailed one.
      Thanks brother.



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