Good day all,

I am currently looking towards building my first proper gaming PC and I am unfamiliar with the prices and reputation of the vendors in the Islamabad/RWP region.

I am not looking for a 4k gaming pc, and it doesn't even have to run everything on ULTRA 60fps on 1080p, Just looking for something that can give me a smooth 60fps 720p experience on at least upto 2017 AAA titles. I only have a few games i like to play and im tired of running them on low at 30fps IF IM LUCKY.

examples of games I'd like to play:

Rainbow Six Siege
Just Cause 3
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Witcher 3
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dishonored 2

I have some hard restrictions on stuff that I cannot compromise on, feel free to let me know if it takes me out of my budget.

Processor: i5 (not i3 or i7), also feel free to convince me on the ryzen
Ram: 8 GB (with room for upgrade)
Motherboard: Dont know, kindly recommend
Case: (anything with decent ventilation and easy on the eyes)
PSU: I want it to be resistant to the general loadshedding, also advise on the Wattage based on requirement
GPU: Nvidia for sure, 2GB+
HDD: 1 TB is enough for me
SSD: if the budget allows, I would like to get it as well, and if not now, I would like my motherboard to allow the possibility of adding it into the future.

Monitor: a nice 1080p HD monitor.

With all these specs, i plan on continually upgrading my RIG over time. I would like a flexible motherboard and PSU that somewhat allows me to upgrade eventually.

All responses are very much appreciated.