PS4 PRO:Purchased from Australia (2017 September)
Played 5 games in 1 year. very minimal usage..
I used to open it once a week, binge play a game and turn it off..

3 Days ago I opened it after a month due to exams and now I can't insert the disc anymore. (I did a dust cleaning before turning it on 'Used Blower')

I request you guys to watch the video to understand the problem.

I've recorded this video 3 days ago, I've tried every method I could find without dissembling my ps4.

Things I've tried..
*powering off, cable etc remove kar k every pattern possible..
vertical rakh k, horizontal rakh k. You name it i've done..
*Rebuild database
*Initialize (Full)
*Firm tap above and below drive
*Mild shaking of ps4..
*Trick to insert disc after 2 times blue light blinks

I've recorded this video after trying everything and sent the video to Faizy & Jshak.
after watching the video both has told me that drive is dead, it will be replaced.
I don't have money to replace my disc drive right now also my ps4 pro firmware is 5.56 and I will wait for the jailbreak if it allows me to play games without using disc drive.

So one thing is to wait for jailbreak and other is i think this problem can be fixed without replacing the disc drive.
I've been looking for this problem for 2 days now and I've found many people on youtube and in forums who were facing this problem, some sent it back to sony because it was in warranty and some took matter into there own hands by dissembling the ps4 and they found spring, rollers etc dislocated in the disc drive which was causing the problem..

I saw video on youtube "PS4 Pro Teardown - Detailed Disassembly" it looks not that difficult to do "only the trick will be to close it back safely."
I would have took it to some repairing shop or to someone but everyone is straight forward telling me that disc drive will be replaced. I was hoping to run a diagnostic first instead of just replacing it.
if there is someone who can help me to repair what's wrong in there. then please do let me know.

I think this is what's wrong with my drive..
i think the spring has broken or dislocated..
watch this video to understand what i'm saying..
"How To Repair a PS4 slim CUH-2015A not taking disc, Easy solution Simple Fix 2017"