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    Thread: LEAKS: Intel 9th Gen i9-9900k

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      LEAKS: Intel 9th Gen i9-9900k

      "A picture, which appears to be from Amazon listing, presents yet unseen Intel branded packaging. The box is translucent and shaped into dodecahedron (should be a hexahedron, to be honest). This means that Intel is taking aggressive marketing from Ryzen Threadripper team very seriously."



      This news is a bit old now but I thought I'd post it here. The i9-9900k comes with 8C/16T, with boosts upto 5.0Ghz at the price tag of about $600.
      Why the 9900k priced at 600USD is important: this (along with its non-K version) are speculated to be the ONLY hyperthreaded processors in Intel's 9th gen lineup. Which means a more fairly priced i7 won't be good for multi-threading. For reference the 1st gen Threadripper 1920x costs around $550 (12C/24T) and the 1950x (18C/36T) costs around $700. Better save your money up because Intel wants it, dearly.

      There are also some leaks from team red, though the source is unreliable.

      "The RTG has received its first Zen 2 sample (to optimize for) and it's really impressive



      This comes from a forum user who has provided true leaks in the past, though you should take it with a grain of salt.


      9th gen is out. Current processor listing is as follows:

      i9-9900k (8C/16T) Base Clock: 3.6 Ghz, Boost: 5.0Ghz (two cores only at stock)
      i7-9700k (8C/8T) Base Clock: 3.6 Ghz, Boost: 4.9 Ghz (single core only at stock)
      i5-9600K (6C/6T) Base Clock: 3.7 Ghz, Boost: 4.6 Ghz (single core only at stock)

      Intel, AnandTech
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      Discrepancies between operating temperatures

      Something that might've caught your eye is the temperature discrepancies between sources (LTT, Gamers' Nexus, Hardware Unboxed, others) when it comes to the i9-9900k. Here's a video to help clear it up:


      The issues were primarily due to motherboards (lower temps being shown in Z370 and higher in Z390). This was because of difference in clock speeds. Z370 power limits the i9-9900k at 95W (rated TDP) that provides about 4.2 Ghz of clock speeds. Z390 shows that it needs a power limit of 150W (55W higher than it's reported TDP by Intel), thus boosting it up to it's standard clocks. This of course, comes with severe temperature issues, as it's incredibly hard to maintain 5.0 Ghz all core below 100C.

      Intel is using sTIM (solder) in this iteration of their 14nm Coffee Lake refreshes. More on it here:

      Opinion: I think the value in this gen, lies in the 9700k as it offers a better gaming performance than the 8700k without being as handicapped by thermals as the 9900k.

      Also, with this, I'd like to request mods to move this thread to hardware discussion or another more appropriate board.

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      i iz go and buy AMD Ryzen Threadripper :3



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