Nintendo wants Japanese fans to buy a second Switch

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell very well, and thereís no indication that the hardware will get a price drop anytime soon. But a new bundle released in Japan seems to be aimed at houses that already own one Switch, and could also be attractive for people who only want a portable system and donít care about hooking it up to a television.
This new version of the hardware costs 24,980 yen, which translates to about $227, and excludes the dock, the Joy-Con grip, the HDMI cable and even the AC adaptor. So youíll need to either buy extra hardware to use the system on your television, use the hardware from another Switch you may have bought or just use the system purely as a portable by charging it with a standard USB-C cable.
This still isnít exactly a price drop, and it may make more sense for the Japanese market than America, but itís a possible look at how Nintendo could help fans who want to buy more than system for their home without doubling up on hardware they donít need.
Iím guessing this option would be attractive to at least a few players in the United States; weíll keep an eye out for any possible announcements about this bundle coming to other markets in the days leading up to E3.